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  • I'm not a computer guy so I don't really get what it's all about, which is hardly surprising, if there's one thing missing in I.T. it's information. Knowledge is always assumed, where you're meant to acquire it from, however, is all part of the mystery!?
    Like this add-on, No Squint Plus, for example, it's gone from doing what it was supposed to do, which such is the overall standard within this field, is greeted as a major accomplishment in itself - it does the job you got it to do, "Bravo!!!" "5 stars!!!" Rave reviews on the strength of the fact that it works.
    Anyway, NSP certainly doesn't work any more, it's as though we've gone back in time, to a less advanced age, what is it with updates?? The only thing that progresses in a forward direction is the date, update to a downgrade, I dread updates, it's always the same, chaos, nothing works, everything's suddenly broken, time I get things ironed out, you guessed it, it's time for another bloody update!!!!
    I'm aware that people like me, who just whinge, achieve absolutely nothing + offer no solutions, but if people can knock out stuff like NSP, or rubbish, I don't think it unreasonable to label it, then I've got to be allowed to moan about it. If these people did their bit as well as I do mine, we'd all be far better off. If you need a benchmark, then look no further, the bar's set pretty damn high so aspire to it! There are some folk out there that need to raise their game, I've noticed that p.c. people don't take criticism at all well. If your work is good enough behaving like some kind of diva will fly, if it's not it won't. If the criticism is unjustified, which if I've got anything to do with it that won't be the case, which is why when I get denials, or insults, or whatever it might be? Some of the problem is right there in the attitude, usually, there is no response at all, which again is a really bad sign, if you can't get it together to send a pre-packaged "Thank you so much.....I deleted + trashed it.....Yours truly," then something's wrong, + that will be you yourself.
    There's a lot i don't like about p.c. land, stuff not working, though, that's not opinion, that's fundamental, if that's wrong you deserve all you get............
    June 2019: Still doesn't work........
  • It has a very promising description, but an extremely deceiving experience. This extension should be removed if Mozilla Addons repository had a stricter QA. Does anyone know any alternative? By reading the comments, I suppose the author no cares at all and probably get revenues by some shady scripting or whatever.
  • Broken.
  • used to work. Now, not so much
  • Global and a few individual sites' settings can be edited in about:support for NS 62.1 under FF 57.
  • its with a heavy heart , that its time to go our separate ways away from nosquint, and go back to zoom page

    as the author of this addon has no intest in updating this addon or giving any update or response to numerous emails

    i dont think the author even reads these comments ,so therefore doesnt give a monkeys apart his users, shame on them!

    goodbye and good riddance
  • Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Right now, it doesn't. Very unreliable. Buggy.
  • for those who are still using firefox 56 or below, use nosquint plus 50.0.0, it's still working at that version
  • Worked really well until the last few updates. Completely stopped working and can no longer be rolled back to a working version (v56.1, the last working version, has been removed from the version history and earlier versions are incompatible with Firefox now).
  • Très simple à utiliser et contrairement aux autres, cette application est parmi les rares à proposer le zoom par défaut de toutes les pages firefox...
  • Updated for Quantum, still broken. What a surprise.
  • In the Quantum version, it tends to "forget" the settings from use to use.
  • Not working in FF 57. Had to switch to Zoom Page WE.
  • Doesn't work with FireFox Quantum 57
  • Doesn't work with FireFox Quantum 57 (64-bit)!!!!
  • GOOD
  • This used to be the most important AddOn in Firefox for me. Does not work anymore with Firefox 57. Please fix this!
  • I used to love this addon but no longer. It does not matter which browser or version is used. It doesn't work. The only version that worked was 56.1 but it's gone, why ??? It doesn't save any settings at all. And why are you NEVER responding to meil or even here ??

    From User 7d96d8

    For Firefox 56 users

    Download No Squint Plus version 50.0 from here


    You have to choose 'Download anyway'

    This will download an xpi file (nosquint_plus-50.0-fx.xpi).

    Save it anywhere you want on your PC (easiest is just the desktop)

    Now drag and drop this xpi file onto your Firefox shortcut on your PC desktop (even if you have Firefox running).

    You will now be prompted to install the Add On

    And there you go. A working No Squint Plus for Firefox 56

    PS; Set updates to 'Off'

    THANK YOU User "7d96d8"

    I HAVE ANOTHER SOLUTION!! Install FEBE here! This backs up all your data including all settings in your addons !!
  • FF56, Linux. The zoom functions don't work any differently than native zoom. Don't know about the other features, I don't use them. I used the old NoSqint for years, loved it, but, unfortunately FF made changes that broke it. I will have to try some others.
  • After several updates that did not provide Text Zoom on every page, in the most recent version, 62.1, Text Zoom does seem to be working, at least for me. I am still seeing some weird behavior, such as screens getting larger when the slider goes down (in full zoom). I'm seeing this especially on http://worldofsolitaire.com/. But okay, there's been improvement. And thanks for decreasing the size of that hideous NS+ icon; much less an eyesore now.

    Firefox 57 will apparently include a native zoom function. Will it eliminate the need for NS+? Or will NS+ perform better? We'll see in a matter of days.
  • Since FF 56, notification of the successful installation of Nosquint always appears when I start FF. On all my computers. Very annoying.
    In the settings of FF I have "blank page" How can I change this?