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  • I recommand it for singing lovers!!

  • Just what I have been looking for

  • Lo que buscaba

  • Hello Rob, I am happy to find your extension on firefox, but can i ask you to add Amazon music to your list not just .com but also .in like music.amazon.in or music.amazon.com, I can too contribute if you allow me to :), Github would be a pleasure to work on.

  • 1st time I review on firefox but this is such an awesome tool GOOD JOB MAN <3

  • thank you for making quality

  • Need to be able to grab lyrics from underground to that main stream stuff

  • Works like charm. And the dev is very quick in responsing user feedback.

  • Fantastic extension - thank you!
    On Firefox for Android you need to "Request Desktop site" for it to work.
    [also make certain that "m." has disappeared from the beginning of the URL]

  • Love this. I can never understand lyrics and am always looking for lyrics

  • Note to NoScript Users : if you disable "fetch" in the default presets of NoScript settings, it will block EVERY REQUEST made by LyricsHere extension.

    Other than that, the extension is everything I ever dreamed of when listening to music on my browser :D

    Thanks a lot Rob W for your help and patience in troubleshooting my case !

    Developer response

    When I trigger a search for your first example, I do immediately get a result from the first source (using the default settings): https://i.imgur.com/WfP6oaZ.png

    If you don't see any results, then access to the sources may be blocked (e.g. by the network adminstrator). Follow up by mail and provide more information if you want help.

  • I love this application.

    I have used this extension for a long time and find it very, very good. When you go to a supported website, a little box opens and a search for lyrics begins within that box (which is where the lyrics will appear, if they are found at any of innumerable sites on the web.

    Better yet, the developer has been consistently conscientious in maintaining the extension.... despite the fact that they must have a day job too! Thank you for this..... Thank you for this work of art you have made!

  • Works correctly and simple makes it more an really featured apps

  • Best lyrics addon. I had a small problem dragging sources into the order I want them searched tho, issue fixed itself in the process of writing this review LOL. Wishing there was some way around it, idk, like a config file or something. Might already be one. Hopefully dev stays interested in this project, there aren't enough lite weight web apps around these days.

    Developer response

    The project is currently in maintenance-only mode because it is basically finished and I have other priorities (most of the updates are about modifying the set of supported sources).

    There is no officially supported way to import/export via a config file, but you could use the developer tools of the browser to directly read / modify the preferences.

    To debug an extension, see the guide at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Debugging

    After opening a debugger for the extension's background page via about:debugging (see the above link), you can interact with the storage via the chrome.storage.local API, as documented at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/storage/local

    For example, to convert the storage to something that you can copy and paste in a file, run the following from the debugger's console:
    chrome.storage.local.get(null, items => {
    console.log( JSON.stringify(items, null, 4) );

    You can then manually edit the configuration in the file (at your own risk), and save the changes back as follows:


    For example:

    "panelOffsets.youtube": {
    "top": 100,
    "right": 204,
    "width": 275,
    "maxHeight": 600

  • Es increíble, busca la lírica en segundos

  • Great add-on! Thank you very much!

  • Just what I needed!

  • Really good extension, Is there a way to remove the "Lyrics here" button from a YT video? I know you could hide it by ctrl+click, but honestly it would be way better if we could just remove it, there's already one available from the address bar, so it is kinda annoying it sticking out on not-music videos.

    Edit: Since you attended my request, editing it to 5-star.
    Thanks for your attention. <3

    Developer response

    I have published an update (3.14.1) which allows you to permanently hide the in-page button.

    To disable the button in the page, right-click on the extension button in the address bar and toggle the "Show Lyrics Here button in the page." menu item (this instruction also appears in the tooltip of the in-page Lyrics Here button).

  • scrollable size , auto search on no. of sources
    but is not showing lyrics of punjabi songs

  • Good Job! THX a lot!

    My wish, if U can, configurable font-weight would be fine! Keep on ;)

    Developer response

    font-weight sounds a bit too specialized to warrant a dedicated option.

    You can use a user style manager such as Stylish to change the font-weight of the elements if you wish. Almost every significant element in my panel has a recognizable class name that you can select with CSS. These class names can be found by right-clicking on the lyrics panel and choosing Inspect element (to open Firefox's developer tools).

  • One of the best addons I have seen. It seems to be the only one of its kind. Good job Rob! BTW some new themes or color combos would be nice. That's my only suggestion. But it's great as is.

  • not compatible, no update.
    Edit: ok, new wersion works.

    Developer response

    The latest version (3.14) is compatible with Firefox Quantum. Give it a try.

  • Great extension! (I hope the update)

  • glad to hear that a quantum's compatible version is coming!

    edit: seriously in love with you

  • Thanks for making it so easy to see and learn the lyrics to songs I only partially heard or understood for so many years!