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73 reviews for this add-on
  • I just love this app, thank you very much for taking the time.
    Could you add SounCloud support? thanks
    Also, it's very minor but i sometimes have trouble clicking the search bar, especially when i've mistyped something and it's changing shape trying to search... could you make it so that when you focus the lyrics display, it automatically focuses the search bar?

    Developer response

    I've added SoundCloud to my to-do list.

    When you type a search term and hit enter, the search commences. You can continue typing and press Enter again, or hit the "Abort" button when the lyrics are looked up.

    I could also add a keyboard shortcut, such that the search stops when you press Esc. Would that be okay?

  • Perfect addon with a nice interface. I use it all the time.

    Although I miss the Autoscroll function of the old 'Cool Youtube Lyrics' addon and I'd like to see it working some day, I give it 5 stars.


    Developer response

    Hi Jeau,

    Auto-scrolling sounds like a nice feature that is more realistic than synchronized lyrics. I've put this feature request for consideration on my to-do list. I might add this feature when I find some time in the next months.

  • Excellent app/add-on. I love how it simply looks up the song from youtube and wah-lah....there are the lyrics. It doesn't work well with compilations of music (i.e.--songs of the 60's), but that's not a big deal for me personally.

  • is now

    Developer response

    Fixed in version 3.10:

  • Good one!
    can you please add more sites like,
    Unlimited thank you

    Developer response

    I will add support in the next version (3.10). Stay tuned ;)

    Every link on songza points back to Since this site is unusable for me, I won't support this site.

  • Excellent lyrics extension, always found lyrics for me and author very helpful. An easy 5-star and a must-have if you want to know the lyrics instead of mumbling about!

  • Rob or To Whomever,
    I just thought I would take the time to thank you for this addon 'Lyrics Here by Rob W'. This is a great tool! I am a 30 yr musician(guitarist/vocalist) I love this add-on it has really saved me a lot of time and frustration. Before I started using this I would spend 2-3 hrs looking for the right lyrics now I can setup 8-10 search engines to search for just the right set of lyrics for a piece I am working on. Once again thank you for such a great piece of software. Keep up the good work!

  • It works much better than previous similar add-ons that usually failed after certain amount of time and got abandoned.

    One problem though: Recently, on Grooveshark site only, when it's set not to show panel automatically, there is no more Lyrics Here icon?

    Developer response

    Hi, thanks for the report about Grooveshark. I have identified the issue and it will be fixed in the next version.

  • The Best YouTube-Lyrics-Plugin which works 100%

    Awesome, Thx Rob W

  • It runs well and it's useful,what more!?
    Thank you.

  • Nice addon!
    I would like that, when a song end playing, scroll the lyrics to the beginning automatically for the next song.

    Developer response

    Sounds like a cool feature at first! On a second thought, implementing it is a bit more complicated and could easily lead to wrong results. E.g. what if you're at the end of the playlist, then decide to repeat the current song?

  • Really useful. Works great with youtube. The developer also responds quickly to mails. Thanks Rob!

  • Highly useful and works as advertised. One of these plugins that, once installed, leaves you wondering how were managing without it.

  • Works very well, now even with icelandic lyrics! Well done!
    Great for people learning Icelandic !

  • Works very well. Get's the lyrics quickly and let's you view them in the same window. Very helpful extension!

  • It is exaclty as described. When you play any youtube music video or song you got your lyrics at the right side. Great tool for lazy punx who would preffer to try to guess the lyrics instead of searching for them. Would be cool when you play an album concentrated in one have the lyrics for the song...but i guess that's too far for anyone.

  • thank you sir

  • One of the best addons I have installed. Total time saver. It's all automated and lyrics appears almost instantly. The little search box at the bottom is perfect as well.

  • Excellent, performs exactly as described.

  • Nice plugin but I think it needs a way to at least customize the font size, it's currently too big for the amount of free space I have on a YouTube page.Is there a way to make the font smaller, in the plugins' code or somewhere else?

    Another problem is that the plugin loads some lyrics when you load a YouTube page that is not a song at all.

    Developer response

    Version 3.5.2 includes a preference to change font size, try it ;)

    This extension assumes that all videos are music videos, and displays lyrics for it. If you often watch non-music videos, I suggest to turn off "Automatically show lyrics" at the options page ( ). After setting this preference, lyrics will not be shown automatically. Instead, you have to click on a button below the video player (screenshot: ).

  • This is a very good and interesting plug-in for learning English. I'd recommend it to anyone.

  • Спасибо!

  • Ok, i´ve tried and it works better than i expected. It finds the lyrics of music in english almost all the time, but when i play videos in spanish (my native language, so those are the one i search the most) it usually need a second or third click to find the proper one (in rare ocassions it won´t find it at all); that´s not so bad i guess, it´s cool that it gives you the google link, so im fine with that. I´ll try to sort the available lyrics sources from the configuration to see if i can have better results.

    On the other hand, it has some minor things with the visual desing, for example when the title of the video is longer than the floating panel width, the caracters try to rearrange themselfs in a new row, but the title height wont increase so this new next row fonts looks cut, and ugly. Instead it should put a "..." when the title wont fit.

    hen you have the icon that appears in the right upper corner of the youtube page, why there? why no under the video next to its info? other Add-on put their buttons there and you dont have to move the cursor trough the whole screen to reach the upper right corner.

    And the fact that i have to go to your page to change the options it´s just weird (why not an icon in my firefox toolbar?, and from there a right click or something).Other than that it does what it says in a very cool way, i definitly going to stay with it. Thanks.


    Edit: Ok, i´ve tested the new version and the anoying visual bugs are no longer there, so i will change my rating to 5 stars, thanks!

    Developer response

    If you get lyrics at the third click only, you should definitely try to re-order the sources. Put the source which works best for you on top. If lyrics can still not be found, just point me to a site which provides excellent lyrics in your language.

    EDIT: Check out version 3.4.2, it contains fixes for the visual issues you've reported, and full support for Grooveshark!