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  • Please update this wonderful script for the new firefox system :(

    Developer response

    That will happen in the coming weekend.

  • Perfekt gewesen, aber seit Youtube Update nichtmehr funktionsfähig
    (32bit v56.0)

    Developer response

    Hast du die neueste Version (3.14) probiert? Es hat mehrere Verbesserungen für YouTube.

  • Hello, do you plan to upgrade your amazing extension to make it compatible with Firefox 57?

    Developer response

    Yes. I am keeping my current version around for as long as possible to allow preferences to be migrated, even for users who don't frequently update their add-ons.

  • when i turn on my country lyric web but it doesnt view the result it goes encrypted in the start

    Developer response

    Searching on teksteshqip.com still works here. "encrypted.google.com" is just Google, one of the ways to search in the list of known sites.


  • Definitely 5*! Also do you have any plan for Firefox Web Extension port? I tried to use foxified to install the new Chrome version but it does not seem to work, at least with Youtube new UI.

    Developer response

    The current version already embeds a WebExtension, and I want to keep this up for a while to allow preferences to be migrated.

    YouTube still works for me on the current version. If you are seeing anything different, can you mail me and share some screenshots? YouTube likes to push out experiments to some users, so it is possible that you see something different than I do.

  • Lyrics Here does what it implies. In the right hand top corner you have the songs words. I love this and sincerely would like music lovers to install 'Lyrics Here'.

  • I use this addon and it's almost flawless. I only tend to use Youtube and Spotify, on the rare occurence that the addon fails to find the correct song it's easy enough to search for the right one. Recommended if you're always on the search for song lyrics!

  • It doesn't work anymore because of Red YouTube issue.
    For instance instead of searching for:
    Céline Dion The Power of Love
    it searches for:
    Céline Dion Listen ad-free with YouTube Red - The Power of Love

  • It works really great. Thank you very much. By the way, i was wandering if it's possible to make a standalone app (based on this extension) that could work along with the desktop app from Spotify, Deezer, etc. (which are more powerful than their web players). Thanks in advance.

    Developer response

    I have no interest in creating and maintaining such an app at this time.

  • Dear Rob,
    Im using your google chrome extension, its a nice one. I was just wondering to ask if you an you add our lyrics website https://lyricsing.com to your sources list.

  • Now I can see the lyrics without going to another site

  • I had to create an account just to say thanks, works great with google music and YouTube. Thanks a lot Rob.

  • 5 starts addon

  • At first, I didn't really use "Lyric Here by Rob W" . Now I can't imagine life without it. It's the Bee's Knee's.
    Thank you Rob W!!

  • This is a splendid add-on for music fans who want to know the lyrics to songs. I use it all the time with YouTube and with Last.fm, and have been amazed at how much flexibility the developer gives the user to set the searched lyrics sites. It is a good idea, well executed and maintained. Thank you Rob W!

  • This is a good add-on for many website, for example spotify. Many web players don't have lyrics. It is really good for youtube!

  • This is a really good extension, and probably the only one which works flawlessly with Google Play Music. It contains all the major lyrics sources and currently it finds anything I listen to, even some obscure artists missing in the other extensions I've tried before.

    I would only add an optional feature to view the lyrics in a separate window. I understand one of the most loved functionalities of this extension is the ability to read the lyrics in the same window where the media is playing the music/video, but the case of sites such as Google Play, Spotify or Pandora is that they are all about the music, I don't really need to go back to the page once it started a playlist or an album, besides there is not enough room in some of these web pages to view all the content plus the lyrics, even with a decent resolution configuration. I think it would be more practical to have a small window next to my other programs so I can glance at the lyrics anytime.

    Thanks for your work.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the review. This feature is on my wish list as well, but I currently have no plans/time to add new features to the addon.

    EDIT: Version 3.14 introduced support for lyrics in a separate window.

  • I love this add-on. It makes it to where I can watch a music video and sing along at the same time without having to open a new window, resize it, and make sure it stays on top. In other words, this add-on makes my life easier.

    I also like how customizable it is as far as what sources it uses to get lyrics.

  • Great add-on, I use it all the time! One feature request: When turned on, I'd like the option to have the lyrics auto expand to the bottom of the page or remember the size I set. Thanks!

    Developer response

    The addon saves the panel position and *maximum height*.
    If you want the lyrics to expand to the bottom of the page, simply resize the lyrics panel (via the gripper in the bottom-left corner) until the panel's bottom is at the bottom of the page.
    When lyrics are loaded after that, the panel will automatically take up as much vertical space as needed to fit the lyrics in the page: If the lyrics consist of only a few lines, then the panel will be small and not reach the bottom. But if the lyrics take up a lot of space, the panel will expand to the bottom of the page (and show a scrollbar inside the panel to show the rest of the lyrics on demand).

  • Great add-on, thanks!!

    It does have some troubles with musical soundtracks when the author is "original cast" (for example, see https://play.spotify.com/track/3ypmsE6yicWEM7TcAnRh41 or any other song in that album). Would be great if this could be worked around somehow (would be the fifth star)

    Developer response

    Hi, I improved support for musical songs in version 3.12.3. When I tested the Spotify link that you provided, it worked as intended.

  • Google music just updated their GUI now this addon disappears. Please update. Thanks a lot. Giving two stars just to get attention. Sorry.

    EDIT: fixed. Thanks a lot.

    Developer response

    Version 3.12 has resolved this issue.

  • This addon works great for the sites it supports. However it would be great if it supported Pandora.com. A few months ago Pandora removed lyrics from their site (for stupid legal reasons). It would make me super happy if you added support for Pandora :D

    EDIT: Now supports Pandora! Woohoo! Great addon :)

    Developer response

    I have added support for Pandora in 3.12.

  • Thank you very much for this very useful add-on! I was unable to find anything as good and user-friendly as "Lyrics Here", either as an add-on or a stand-alone program.
    It would be even better, though, in my opinion, if:
    1) found lyrics were saved locally, so that the add-on wouldn't have to rerun a search for previously found lyrics;
    2) privacy-friendly search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Ixquick, and Startpage, were added;
    3) all requests were switched from http to https for all the websites that support it (such as the current search engines Bing, Google, and Yahoo);
    4) the search engine an active source goes through depended on the user's choice, instead of being predefined.
    Best wishes and thank you again!

    Developer response

    Version 3.14.1 introduces new search engines (including Startpage and ixquick.com). DuckDuckGo was already added before.

    Moreover, the search engines can be disabled at the options page if you'd like.

  • Excellent add-on, now I can get lyrics from the principal music websites.