83 reviews
  • Extension doesn't work
  • Le module se désinstalle tout seul.
  • I happen to like this app, but for some idiotic reason, it keeps uninstalling itself!
  • I like it when it works. It disappears after a few days and Yahoo sends a message saying "Goodbye, sorry to see you go".
  • don't like changes life is already too
  • 方便~容易
  • I like this extension, but about every other day it disappears and I have to download it again.
  • It crashes weekly doesn't notify you when you get a new email all it is good for is a quick launch link!
  • The extension keeps disappearing and I get a "good bye" message saying sorry to see you go.
    I have no idea why I am getting this stupid message and why the extension keeps disappearing
  • Great and fantastic!
  • I love this feature because it offers me a much wider screen for reading. Thank you.
  • No puedo ingresar a mi cuenta
  • I have found nothing with Mozilla that is intuitive, where is the mail?, Where is the news, full screen? Message sent to reset password, hasn't happened. These are the same things that made me delete FireFox the last time I tried it. It's more pain that I don't need.
  • fabalous
  • Muito Agil e pratico!