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  • good
  • I love this when it works. However, it keeps uninstalling itself and than you have to reinstall it. This happens every two weeks or less. Wish someone would fix the problem.
  • Same Problems as others, have to re-install every new day. Not worth it. Easier to change my main email. Why does it keep uninstalling? How is it that this can't be fixed. I think it's been a couple years...
  • i would rate it 5 stars if it stayed loaded, have to re-add every few weeks
  • I like the wider email Home page because i'm Hard to see thing unless they are large enough to make them out!
  • Work as expected. Thx.
  • The extension is removed automatically. Sometimes I get a notification in yahoo, that it is removed because of changes in settings! Who is controlling my browser??
  • I didn't realise that this required Yahoo as the default browser. Initially I was full of warm feelings for Yahoo for finally providing a webmail experience closer to gmail - wide viewing pane and unobtrusive ads - then it un-installed itself with that lame message. Also set Yahoo as my default search engine despite saying no on adding to Firefox. Yahoo back to its disingenuous corporate self.
  • Outright does not work, at least not under Linux. Still shows the ad panel at mail.yahoo.com.
  • Why, Why, Why... has THIS Yahoo "Search & Wide Mail" extension, CONSISTENTLY deleted/uninstalled itself every time I restart my computer or Firefox? I, like millions of other users, have to constantly go and re-download/install this "add on/extension" to utilize Yahoo mail without the lame/pathetic ads on the right hand side of the mail browser. Seriously Yahoo, get your Programming and Marketing right. Free or not, NO ONE wants/likes their e-mail browser to be even MORE compressed with ADS... NO ONE! Fix this half a year, on going, corrupted extension!
  • I really do like this add on because it expands my email window. HOWEVER, it keeps getting deleted even when I make Yahoo my default search engine. Why is this happening???????
  • After pleading with me to remove my add blocker for months Yahoo suggests this instead, so i click on it for more information and it tries to install itself, luckily i am using firefox which blocked it.

    Went out of my way to do a search to find more information about it and find out it only works if yahoo is your search engine which it will automatically change to.

    In the spirit of Christmas I was filled with hope for half a second that maybe yahoo were learning and that hope imploded like a family Christmas dinner.

    I would like to generate you money Yahoo but then that's why i use AddBlock Plus as it will allow you to generate money from me if you do it in a reasonable way.
  • I like this add-on, but don't like the fact that every few days I have to re-install it. Please fix this problem.

    When are you going to update this add-on so we do not have to re-install it every few days?
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