Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I am uninstalling this extension after using it for several years. It started as a great idea: letting users warn other users of malicious websites serving up drive-by malware. Several years ago, this extension seemed to work well and helped me avoid some bad sites. However, I think it is losing users because some users have grossly abused it to censor the internet. IMHO this is entirely antithetical to the whole concept of the internet. Maybe other reviewers are right in saying WOT has become a scam to blackmail website owners. What I have seen here in the USA, is almost every politically conservative, tea party, or republican website has been marked as malicious. Often there are no comments to the negative ratings, indicating the raters know they are doing something they don't want to be identified with. Plenty of complaints from others who feel the websites are being defamed for entirely political purposes do not seem to affect the negative ratings. This extension is no longer useful for the purpose intended. Avast, McAfee, and other anti-virus companies now supply free extensions that actually flag malware serving sites. WOT serves no useful purpose and after writing to them for correction of their ratings, to no avail, I have rated their own website as malicious before I remove it entirely.

A Joke on Trust - WOT is a FAKE Company Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Web of TRUST?? Are you serious?? (Here Comes the New Age SCAM!!)

Web of Trust is a (FAKE) company which promises you to tell which websites you can trust!


The add-on won't protect you from anything. Several porn sites are rated with good child safety. Known SPAM sites are rated Green. I'ts just USELESS!!

Web of Trust is just a creepy company operated in Finland who gives bad ratings to sites, and then ask them to pay hundreds of dollars to recover those ratings. Also the ratings are biased, as moderators have 2000x more weight over a rating of you or me.

The company itself never displays its address, phone number or any other contact information. They never reply to mails. Their SSL fails in many browsers.

How to trust a company who hides its own identity??

They are also known for down-rating sites who expose their truth. They have a bad reputation with several complaints and reports published online (Refer: Web of trust reviews, web of trust Scam, or Web of Trust complains)

The ratings are dominated by extremely stupid moderators and owners (total shitheads) who are just out their to ruin small businesses and bloggers and then demand for EXTORTION amount in form of security seals.

But WAIT!!

They main USP of web of Trust is,
Their add-on STORES our browsing history, (each and everything) which they sell to advertisers. WOW. That's trustworthy PERIOD!! Isn't it??

So What is Web of Trust??
Just a FAKE company trying to dominate the freedom of Internet.. Their manipulated ratings have no sense at all.

They are just a bunch of Internet trolls full of negativity(Well Organized Turds) who really think that they will get out easily after trying to fool users.

P.S: This is a neutral review as I am not a site owner. Just a Web security enthusiast. I read about this addon and wanted to install it.

But before that, I investigated for a full 2 weeks about this addon and then came to know how shitty this company is..

This is something you should definitely AVOID, and should also aware other users to AVOID!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Fake Company and Fake Reviewer!

Those are commenting and giving review on WOT are brainless, even if any see scam word in website they give bad rating?

I agree with my previous comment as well..

WOT give ability to verify there websites but they didn't give option to resolve issue if some one made complained? so what is logic behind this website ask money to remove FAKE/USELESS Reviews?

DON"T TRUST this is useless tool... even developer don't care to reply here...

CAREFUL: DO NOT USE THIS ADDON Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I totally agree with previous reviewers. WOT is really a FAKE company with a BAD TRUST itself.

They do harvest user private data which they sell and rent to advertisers.

I Dont trust WOT beacause of it's unethical practices, stupid power absers, internet spamming, cheating users and site owners and fake reviews posting.

Also as you can see: whenever there are many bad reviews for this addon on firefox, the company posts a good fake review to decieve users.

I doubt about the previous review is being posted by "Frontdesk" of WOT. :P Sorry, but They do have a similar record.

Also as mentioned earlier,

This company is something which really wants to kill the freedom of the Internet.

That's why it was dropped by Google index and Facebook recently.

THIS IS INTERESTING: Search Google for "Web of Trust Reviews" or "Web of Trust Scam"

Do aware other users to save their privacy and stop the evil intentions of this FAKE company.

Wonderful and usefull App Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The WOT app has been very beneficial to keeping our computers clean and warning us of potential problems or unwanted site access. If you are looking for something to avoid virus' or a parent wishing to protect yours children and yourself from inappropriate websites this is a the add-on for you.

STAY AWAY!! SCAM COMPANY Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Suggesstion: STAY AWAY from WOT and also inform others to do the same.

Just read the previous negative reviews. People have detailed the complete details of this SCAM company.

As said before.. BEWARE of WOT.. They are just a bunch of internet trolls trying to dominate the freedom of the internet.

Люди всё портят Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Многие сайты оценены несправедливо. Субъективное мнение толпы. Сайт на самом деле хороший, но люди ставят опасные оценки. Иногда просто по приколу, иногда по незнанию.

Например, обычный сокращатель ссылок vk.cc оценён как подозрительный, явная ошибка. Также гос. сайты (РКН) оценены тоже как отрицательные. Даже dns моего провайдера оценён как плохой. Я уже не гворю про "Вконтакте", где море порно, оценён как "безопасный для детей".

Также мне кажется, то они следят за мной. Я им не доверяю.


This is a addon you should seriously avoid. It STORES your Private browsing history and then the SCAM company might sell your data in future..

DONT TRUST WEB OF TRUST as all previous reviewers are saying, because:

1. The ratings have nothing to do with safety. Rating are manipulated by power abusers of WOT who are known scammers.

2. One Power abuser was a felon here in US.

3. The company has an EXTREMELY BAD internet reputation itself.

4. The company is now recognized as a well known scam.

5. The company was found buying fake facebook likes and writing fake reviews on different portals.

WOT is the new age SCAM.

By the way, when you search "WOT SCAM" or "WOT reviews" on google, you get a lot of great results which totally exposes these scammers with proof..

DONT TRUST WEB OF TRUST, as you will definitely regret it..

What is Web of Trust????? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I don't trust online shop anymore, my $200+ is gone, all internet shop are scamer, internet scam....., mozila scam!!!!!!!!!!!

ALERT: DO NOT TRUST WEB OF TRUST Rated 1 out of 5 stars

WOT is a very poorly executed idea. A bunch of bullies (power users) manipulate the ratings of websites.

Also it has nothing to with TRUST. It wholly depends on the creepy opinions of its Power Users.

Mainly, I DONT trust WOT, because this plugin stores my browsing history. And I dont want to give my private details to a bunch of thieves who shout to be trustworthy and try to fool innocent users and small bloggers.

DONT INSTALL.. Read the previous reviews first..

Negative 5 Stars for WOT - TOTAL SCAM Rated 1 out of 5 stars

A bunch of internet trolls trying to scam the reputation of personal blogs. Read previous reviews and google WOT scam before using this plugin.

If you support NETNEUTRALITY, then WOT is something you should seriously AVOID. A group of power users manipulate website ratings and then ask people to pay around $500 to get their trust seal.

The reviews has nothing to do with trust. It's just a matter of opinions. SAD

ALSO you give your browsing history to a NOT-TRUSTWORTHY Company.


Like a Sheild Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on is very useful. It protects you against most spam, harmful and ponzi scheme page so I recommended to add it to your firefox to make it act like a website firewall/sheild.

"Great" Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like how you can rate a website and that you can see every search result's rating. It is easy to use.

This user has 2 previous reviews of this add-on.

Полезное дополнение Rated 5 out of 5 stars

На практике WOT всегда предостерегало меня от посещения вредоносных сайтов. Без него я чувствую себя в сети как без верхней одежды зимой.
По поводу комментария OpenWebLover. Я попытаюсь опровергнуть его обвинения.

Причина #1. Небеспристрастные рейтинги.
Если 1000 человек проголосует за сайт, то модератору вряд ли получится просто так заткнуть людей. Даже если он психический нездоров, как написано в отзыве. В крайнем случае можно проверить информацию через другие источники. А дополнение не будет предотвращать посещение сайта, если ты так не настроишь его работу.

Причина #2. Ваша приватность в опасности.
Об о всей информации, которую собирает WOT, и о том, как WOT будет ей распоряжаться, написано в пользовательском соглашении. Лично у меня не было с этим проблем.

Причина #3. WOT плохо обращается с интернетом.
Никто не заставляет пользователя доверять только рейтингу WOT в своем выборе. Вряд ли мнение других людей может повлиять на лояльность клиента, если компания создала действительно доверительные отношения.

P.S. Я не владелец сайта, я простой интернет-пользователь. Просто мне почему-то захотелось это написать. Надеюсь что это поможет кому-нибудь не принимать поспешных решений о которых придется пожалеть.

THE safe browsing de-facto standard Rated 5 out of 5 stars

WOT has become the de-facto standard for sage browsing.
YET, one has to trust others' scores...

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It was be useful and very necessary.Still use it but looking for alternatives,strange when democratic journalists blogs in Russia shining yellow or red color.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Used years ago and was great now it's so inaccurate because users make bad reports for personal feelings or political reasons so it's no longer about trustworthy websites! So sad what this nation has become.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dieses Browser addon nutze ich schon seit längerer Zeit und hatte bisher keine Probleme gehabt.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Удобно. В тех браузерах, где WOT не установлен, я чувствую себя открытой всем ветрам

WEB OF DECIET Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This addon marks good websites as bad based on POLITICAL leanings of user reviews. In other words if a bunch of Republicans decide they don't like a website they can effect what is good and bad FOR YOU. When I first started using this addon it was great because I used it to stay clear of malicious websites but now that I've gotten into political research I've found that it also flashes warnings about websites which users deem bad on their own personal POLITICAL STANCES.