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  • Меня забанили и теперь не могу авторизоваться. До этого в течение очень долгого времени рейтинг не менялся, что тоже странно. Что-то они там "нахимичили"...
  • I've been using WOT for years. It's so easy to use, unobtrusive. Start using it (there's not a good reason not to and plenty of reasons to), then spread the word. It works on a crowd-sourced model - the more people that contribute ratings for websites, the more powerful WOT becomes.
  • Title, ye
  • Love this extension. Definitely in my top 3 efficiency apps/extensions! Keep up the good work
  • makes it safer to b online
  • Excelente, uso-o há anos e só tenho a agradecer pelos salvamentos que já me fez.
  • its a useful tool
  • It's a non-intrusive extension that really helps. It's completely community-sourced, so if someone writes a bad review for a website, it impacts the rating for the website they gave the review. For instance, let's say person x found a phishing website. They could go under the extension, and write a review for it, in the meantime clicking "Phishing" during the review process. Then, anyone else who goes to that site, will be warned that it's a phishing website.
  • Very good
  • good
  • Nice!!!
  • capacidade de identificar sites perigosos
  • 1
  • Very easy to use and gives valuable information
  • The principle is really good but the concern, especially on sites dealing with politics, religion or controversial issues, comes from the fact that people write negatively on the basis of the substance and not the form which bias the results. Sites that are quite safe are therefore decked with negative ratings that would suggest a security risk.
    That's why I stopped to use WOT after long time of using it. And yes I remember having trouble with the logging system, maybe a conflict with another privacy/security add-on I use.
    However it could be a good measure of protection but remember to use common sense.