Полезное дополнение Rated 5 out of 5 stars

На практике WOT всегда предостерегало меня от посещения вредоносных сайтов. Без него я чувствую себя в сети как без верхней одежды зимой.
По поводу комментария OpenWebLover. Я попытаюсь опровергнуть его обвинения.

Причина #1. Небеспристрастные рейтинги.
Если 1000 человек проголосует за сайт, то модератору вряд ли получится просто так заткнуть людей. Даже если он психический нездоров, как написано в отзыве. В крайнем случае можно проверить информацию через другие источники. А дополнение не будет предотвращать посещение сайта, если ты так не настроишь его работу.

Причина #2. Ваша приватность в опасности.
Об о всей информации, которую собирает WOT, и о том, как WOT будет ей распоряжаться, написано в пользовательском соглашении. Лично у меня не было с этим проблем.

Причина #3. WOT плохо обращается с интернетом.
Никто не заставляет пользователя доверять только рейтингу WOT в своем выборе. Вряд ли мнение других людей может повлиять на лояльность клиента, если компания создала действительно доверительные отношения.

P.S. Я не владелец сайта, я простой интернет-пользователь. Просто мне почему-то захотелось это написать. Надеюсь что это поможет кому-нибудь не принимать поспешных решений о которых придется пожалеть.

THE safe browsing de-facto standard Rated 5 out of 5 stars

WOT has become the de-facto standard for sage browsing.
YET, one has to trust others' scores...

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It was be useful and very necessary.Still use it but looking for alternatives,strange when democratic journalists blogs in Russia shining yellow or red color.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Used years ago and was great now it's so inaccurate because users make bad reports for personal feelings or political reasons so it's no longer about trustworthy websites! So sad what this nation has become.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dieses Browser addon nutze ich schon seit längerer Zeit und hatte bisher keine Probleme gehabt.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Удобно. В тех браузерах, где WOT не установлен, я чувствую себя открытой всем ветрам

WEB OF DECIET Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This addon marks good websites as bad based on POLITICAL leanings of user reviews. In other words if a bunch of Republicans decide they don't like a website they can effect what is good and bad FOR YOU. When I first started using this addon it was great because I used it to stay clear of malicious websites but now that I've gotten into political research I've found that it also flashes warnings about websites which users deem bad on their own personal POLITICAL STANCES.

اظيفو له انتي فايروس Rated 5 out of 5 stars

شئ جيد

Good idea; poor execution. Rated 2 out of 5 stars

The idea of a reputation database for websites is good, but in practice it is difficult to verify the given ratings, which the WOT crew realized and have thus abstained to do any verification of the ratings people submit, no matter how unwarrantedly positive, or blatantly hostile. The browser plugin is outdated and causes significant memory bloat.

And that's where WOT stands today: A two year outdated plugin that slows the browser launch and operation to a crawl, hogs anywhere from 50 to 400 Megs of RAM as well as slow your browser launch from 10 to 30 seconds depending on how intensive your browser usage is; the site ratings can vary to be of good veracity to being ridiculously off - there are the obvious mass-created accounts solely made for the purpose of leaving one or a few positive ratings for sites that need to be 'boosted' for marketing or scam-enabling purposes; political websites are frequent targets of carpet-bombing by political party soldiers and assorted ideological extremists that have taken a dislike to them, and thus leave utterly false ratings, eg. that a site would contain malware, phishing, illegality, when it is either of a nature that is just ideologically controversial or simply discussing subjects of an unpopular nature.

And as always, the WOT crew cannot generally be reached to clean up spam, smears of either individuals, organisations or companies. It is as such, increasingly unreliable. I have myself uninstalled the WOT plugins from my browsers.


this extension tracks your web usage

This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Quite disappointed in the WOT concept Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I had joined the WOT community thinking that warnings about sites and there conduct be it a scam or just a site out to take peoples money would be viewed by all who are members when trying to log on to that site. Well I was unpleasantly surprised to see this is not the case and only puts a warning on the users screen who places the warning. This is the most ridiculous concept imaginable. The people who place the warnings already know what sites they have warnings for. I accessed a site I put a warning on with my laptop and no warning is present. Only on my desktop indicating I choose to have this warning on my computer. I am taking this application off of my computers immediately.

Slow Rated 3 out of 5 stars

While I like the ratings I am not impressed by the fact that Firefox loads pages SIGNIFICANTLY slower while using it. Not worth it for me.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars


I would rate negative 5 stars if it were possible.

OpenWebLover's review is honest and accurate, with my experience.

Excellent Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very helpful for getting to know the safety of a website....
warns about harmful web sites that may have a security issue

SPAM, SCAM!!! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This plugin completely offers NO protection! Even you may be the victim of spyware or adware by using WOT addons. Should use internet security or antivirus for safer browsing.

BEWARE of WOT : Why NOT to use this addon?? How is WOT a SCAM?? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Here's my personal experience with MyWOT. It's a long review, but do read it before installing the add-on.

The idea of Web of Trust was good initially, aiming at preventing you from visiting a website deemed unsafe by WOT community members. But it has been misused by the moderators and owners of the WOT community.

How is WOT a SCAM?
The algorithm used by WOT is TOTALLY FLAWED. Here are a few reasons..

Suppose you and your 1000 other friends like a new website which gives much useful information about Children and how to take care of children. A genuine site providing useful information.
Now You and your 1000 other friends vote positive for the site in the WOT plugin.

But, Wait:
Now a moderator of the WOT who might be a children hater, or having some mental disorder sitting at some dark corner of the world, who has no love for children, votes the site negative. And BAM, now the genuine and useful site you and your 1000 other friends loved, shows as an unsafe site in WOT. Also the WOT plugin prevents you from opening the site.

Because a vote of a moderator or so called elite member of WOT has thousand times more weightage than yours.

WOT do prevents you from known spam sites but it cant be totally trust in case of business sites and personal blogs as the ratings are totally biased.. There are much more better unbiased security addons avaliable which is monitored by experts on their field

Would you support such kind of rating system with no equality among users??

Web of trust gives no guarantee about the browsing history and your other information which the plugin stores. WOT is a start-up company which plans for profit in future. It might seem free today, but with all your private data,


Reason #3: WOT is abusing the freedom of Internet
The internet is free, and the best platform to express the opinion of people. And thanks to projects like linux and firefox, we can be assured that it will always be..

But Sites like WOT abuse this freedom of internet. A bunch of freaks, rating websites, damaging hard earned reputation of brands, by the click of a button, thinking of it as a game. The more you rate the more score you get.. Stupid..

WOT would be good only if the rating system changes, and the moderators and owners realize that it takes effort to build a brand and gain the love of its customers... The moderators need to stop thinking themselves as some superheroes born to protect the world from spam.

This was my experience with facts about my WOT and how I feel it is not at all useful, unless they change their algorithm.. You can read more by doing a simple google search for “Is WOT a spam?” and you will get a million other reasons why not to use this add-on..

Rest your call.. God Bless!!

Read more if you are a site owner:

If you are a site owner:

NEVER EVER submit your site for evaluation on their forums. The site evaluation is just meant for known spam sites to try to recover their ratings. Its not for new blogs or brands.

The moderators having no idea of running any business will simply insult you again and again, and finally after all the insult you will always end up having a bad rating for your site for a totally unjustified reason, which is not given by people of your country, or people who love your brand.

It is totally biased on the moderators view of the world.. Your site might be country specific or you might be sharing your opinion an an issue on your site, which if contradicts with the opinion of the moderators, or the moderator is just a anti-social person, will result in getting a bad rating for you.

There do a couple of good members who will first point the defects on your site, and would give you time to correct those before rating, but overall you will definitely have a bad experience with people who have no understanding of your business and who are not ready to listen..


P.S: I had a really bad experience with my WOT both as a customer and as a site owner..

Do some more research and If you too feel that WOT is a scam aiming at dominating the freedom of the Internet, then do aware others about it...

wot deaktiviert ? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

wiso ist wot deaktiviert obwohl im menü aktiviert ist ß wer hat hier die pfoten dazwischen und sabotiert mich im grundgesetz der brd festgelegten freien meinungsäusserung ?wer manipuliert meine freie meinungsäusserung zack-zack aber mit sofortiger wirkung freigeben sonst datenschutzbeauftragten einschalten ! ist das klar aber zack zack !

Deceives & Manipulated Rating Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is a bad tool/plugin and mywot.com needs to be shut down. Web of Trust - WOT is a scam on massive scale. U should really do a search in google or any other search engine before u use this crap and u will see how bad this plugin is and dangerous to be used even the less to be trusted because and how their rating system truly works.
Do not ever post your site in WOt forum for Site Evaluations, you will regret it.
FireFox should Delete this Add on from here its Dangerous, misleading, fake for ppl to use it. Their rating is massive Flaw & Deceiving, Manipulated etc. Does not protect anything at all. Has massive False Positives about Good and safe sites.
just read this as example:

And does anything look out of whack to you?
Total 26,474,227
Positive 1,618,246
Negative 24,353,309
Neutral 503,522

Over 24 million negative and only about a 1.6 million positive!! Absolutely nonsense,
Check here: from their own site.

You got warned about this WOT crap, Stay way do not use it.

Super Rated 5 out of 5 stars

en iyi ikinci mozilla eklentisidir. ilk yükledigim eklentilerden birisi. derecelendirebilme özelligi de harika, kötü bir siteye yanlislikla bile olsa girmeme engel oluyor. Harikasiniz. Tesekkürler

Excellent Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Module très fiable, très facile à utiliser. N'importe qui peut voter et écrire un commentaire, faites-donc attention aux trolls !