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  • Surprisingly great. I'm not a fan of downloading additional software to use (which is the only reason I took a star off. Too scared of that kind of stuff). I was able to download 107 videos that I needed and then uninstalled everything. I would use this again if I needed to download more videos from a website as it can download videos that aren't easily downloaded with other websites/software.
  • ko thêm vào tiện ích đc
  • Bis jetzt zufrieden, seit kurzen funktioniert er bei MAC OS nicht mehr grrrrrr.
  • It makes my life a lot easier! Recommended!
  • A light in a web of darkness
  • Ferramenta fantastical , me tirou dor de cabeça , recommend
  • When there's an option to download via browser, it MIGHT work. Sometimes. Most of the time the Download Helper won't even detect any media on the website.
    And the companion app is totally useless. It's so slow and unreliable, it reminds me of good old days of 56k modems.
  • I had to star it at 4. However, I would really give it a 4.5 if there was a 4.5 star rating. I like it. And most of the time it does a great job. The few problems that I have is that it has gotten a little more complicated over the years. So, I mostly use it for simple d/l's. And for that type of stuff it really does a great job.
  • good
  • Best add-on for video download. I tested many of them.
  • Best add-on for video download. I tested almost all of them.
  • fantastico!! gracias!!!
  • Ce module fonctionnait parfaitement, mais depuis une semaine il ne charge plus rien. Youhou ?! J'ai donné des sous !.. Donc tant que tout n'est pas rentré dans l'ordre, il est urgent d'attendre pour les nouveaux arrivants !
  • I think it is excellent. I have very little trouble downloading videos. I highly recommend it.