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  • It run perfectly till some months ago. Actually it doesn't download any video. I try with chrome and firefox, I try to reinstall browser... nothing work
  • W 10 + FF (on MS Surface notebook):
    Video DownloadHelper is able to detected flash stream, but record is sometimes terminated and only not readable mp4.part ftle stored on HD.
    In this case it is not possible to resume and tto continue!
    Also, if a video was recorded successfully, it is not possible to start new recording with the same resolution. If there is another stream detected with other (lower) resolution recording may be continued but these clips do not fit together.
    it is not possible to interrupt and to resume/continue.
    User interface should be improved and made more clear.
  • Excellent - save the day when wi-fi is down
  • very convenient and fast. also easy to use. highly recommended!!!!
  • Die Erweiterung arbeitet eigentlich gut. Sie ist aber fehlerhaft, weil eine geholte Datei bei allen Benutzern des Rechners erscheint. Das darf nicht sein.
  • good
  • Does what it says. Sometimes the sites will update to deny a download but it seems to be able to rip better than any I've used previously
  • VDH works well and has for years. Nothing else beats it for convenience and speed.
  • Although the UI could use a little touch-up, the features are very useful.
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