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  • 用着很舒服,很棒
  • 非常棒,非常感谢
  • Excelente programa, muy útil. Una de mis extensiones de Firefox imprescindibles y más recurrentes
  • Best web crawler and video downloader ever!!! It even allows the user to choose between different video qualities... 10/10
    It crashes sometimes, but that might be due to some servers' unstable situation.
  • Top Tool. Funktioniert immer, selbst wenn bei anderen guten DL Helpern nur noch Minidateien erscheinen.
  • Nickel, j'arrive a telecharger mes vidéos , le travail est fait
  • La aplicacion es excelente de por si, ahora trae aplicaciones auxiliares que a mi juicio no son necesarias. le faltaria un conversor de mp3 para canciones. Al momento es excelente!!!

    The application is excellent in itself, now it brings auxiliary applications that in my opinion are not necessary. it would lack an mp3 converter for songs. At the moment it is excellent !!!
    Highly recommended!

    Muy recomendable!!
  • Excellent for video download, better than any other addons.
  • Must have!!! You can't live without this software. The first addon to install
  • Для скачивания видео необходимо установить дополнительный "костыль". После этого дополнение за минуту скачивает видео, а потом 30 мин. конвертирует его - добавляет ватермарку на пол экрана! При этом браузер намертво завешивает всю систему...
  • sangat bermanfaat
  • Excelente programa. Ayuda mucho a escuchar y ver todo lo relacionado al Cristianismo. Esto ayuda a fortalecer nuestra Fe.
  • It's pretty good. I can download videos from popular sites to watch later in places where an internet connection is unreliable/unavailable.
  • I like the add on and it's simple to use.
    Idiot proof, I'd say.
    When video is ready to be downloaded it simply starts to glow the icon. And once you click icon it'll pop up a list of formats to choose from.
    Only minor thing I'm missing is ability to define my favorite resolution, so for example I'd like to get 720p link as first possible option and 1080 as second. Or have fixed order always, but add-on is trying to remember my previous choices, but sometimes it mix the order of the formats/resolutions so if you are downloading few videos in a row then first choice in the list is not always what you prefer, so caution and reading the offers in details is needed.
    Also page title is displayed in download options pop up, which is helpful, but it seems to be in fixed and quite big font and if page has longer title, then it's not going to fit.
    In general I like the add on, using it time to time, and I thank those who made it, because it's true helper.
  • easy to use and stable.
  • Very very helpful add-on, highly satisfied with its performance.
  • 非常好的 非常方便的 非常优秀的下载软件 谢谢分享
  • Mit das beste Downloadprogramm das ich kenne
  • 簡潔美觀的界面,從YouTube保存視頻,提供一鍵下載模式。
  • wonderful little downloader, works for nearly every website and videofile. Just recommended!
  • fool proof. will down load anything.
  • Excellent software ..for downloading anything
  • Durch Downloadhelper kann ich mir youtube-Dateien runterladen ohne viel Aufwand, Ich bin überwiegend sehr zufrieden mit dem tool, gelegentlich hakts mal oder klappt erst im 2. Versuch, aber eigentlich sehr selten, sowie es bei Youtube selber ja eben auch mal vorkommt..