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  • Replace the ugly icon, and give an option to show more items.
    I like the icon, so I am not going to change it. Going to upload the updated version that can show more items in a moment.
  • Верните пожалуста возможность сделать двойную кнопку .
    Что б можно было обьединять и разделять эти кнопки ( история закрытых вкладок и кнопка "открыть последнюю закрытую вкладку")
    раньше было намного удобнее....(((
    Due to limitations of the new WebExtension API I can't do that right now. I will if it ever becomes possible.
  • Handy add-on! Would be nice if the number of tabs could be configurable, like this other WE does, undo-closed-tabs-revived.
    Will be doing this soon.
  • Even though I used the other add-on for years (remained in french for years!) because this icon looks better in my dark glass theme
    I also like the 2 button approach instead of a single dual use button
  • Works fine. Two buttons, one to restore the last closed tab, and one to show the history of closed tabs. Thanks.