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  • I'm so happy this button is available again as I really missed it.
  • Очень удобно.
  • Can you make full list available by clicking it right mouse button?
    The main function by Ctrl+Z on keyboard would be awesome feature, too.
    Thx for reply)
    I am looking to add the first soon. I don't want to add the second till the support for keyboard short cuts in WebExtensions are better, right now it is limited.
  • Un bon remplacement à la fonction équivalente de Tab Mix Plus, merci !
  • Одна из самых нужных функций в браузере. И как мозила не сделало ее по умолчанию? Работает отлично! То, что нужно. Еще бы иконку поменять ближе к стандартному стилю и цены бы не было.
  • Works great on 57. Excellent extension, thanks for creating it!
  • fine add-on that replaces my old one post FF quantum. my only peeve is the icon, like others have stated. how about a option for a nice b/w or black icon, more in line with the new ff UI?

    thank you! great job!
  • Very nice addon but the icon doesn't look nice when you place the button besides the tab bar. Could you adapt the icon so it looks better on dark backgrounds?
  • great addon, love it
  • works like a charm,
    with option to restore tab list
  • This is a great add-on. Much simpler and more direct than the original history button.
    The following is my suggestions:
    1. In this version, the menu adapt to show whole title of page. This is great for recognizing different pages with same domain, but sometime it is too wide for me. Maybe a setting for the max width in option page is better.
    2. Is it possible to add a right-click menu for the page? Sometime you need to move cursor to right when it is on very left part of page. A right-click menu can make it more convenient.

    with Nightly 58
    I am still experimenting with a good max width. I think in this one I set it to 450px. What would you set it to if you had a choice? I don't really want to add a setting of this nature to clutter the settings page. This is something I might have made a hidden about:config setting in the past, but that is not an option right now.
    The best right click menu I can think of adding this too is when you right click on the tab bar. I could show some kind of menu there. Would this work for what you are looking for?
    It is best if you get in contact with me on my forum or by e-mail.