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  • good
  • Exactly what the doctor prescribes. Sufficiently but not excessively fine-grained control over what type of content a site can load from where. IMHO, much better than other, potentially more well known alternatives.

    The one thing that could use better documentation is the specifics of the inheritance algorithm. Right now you have to look at the source code if you want to know how it precisely works.

    Many thanks to the author indeed. Beautiful addon, conceptually, functionally and interface wise.
  • thank you ! very useful and must-have extension for max security
  • ottimo add-ons
  • Functions great on mobile, albeit a bit tough to navigate and click accurately, but it works like a charm. Must have privacy extension.
  • Been using for over a year. It puts the user in control of what touches our browsers in a 'simple' elegant way. I would, however, only recommend this to slightly more advanced users than your typical web surfer (uBlock Origin will cut it for them).

    5/5, Second thing I add to a browser after uBO
  • Much better than noscript, but also more complicated to use.
  • Cette extension nous permet de mieux contrôler le web et de nous protéger de celui-ci !

    Un grand MERCI à son auteur/concepteur !

    PS: N'oubliez pas, non plus, d'installer en complément sécuritaire à "uMatrix", les autres extensions du même auteur/concepteur comme "uBlock Origin", "uBO-Extra" et uBO-Scope" !
  • *must have*
  • Quite easy to understand & configure even with an average comprehension of the Web. Many thanks to Raymond Hill for his awesome work to protect us.
  • Wenn man sie richtig verwendet funktioniert die Matrix einwandfrei, super Schutz!