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  • Muy útil a la hora de bloquear los elementos que uno no quiere ver en una página web.
  • I wouldn't recommend this to people that have a difficult time with computers in general as it can break some websites, but if you're patient and know what you want to block, uMatrix is better than any other script-filter out there.
  • Profi tool for managing content.
    Only thing I miss is selecting individual scripts on a domain for blocking...
  • mto bom
  • Very useful as 3rd-party content blocker and script blocker.
  • Thank you for uMatrix.
  • Thanks for the addon.
  • Click to play on steroids. Paranoia has never been easier to enforce.
  • Am confronting yet another uMatrix popover that only displays a big orange caution sign, the URL uMatix has blocked and a CLOSE button. The rest of the page is white space.

    A GitHub page looked promising -
    How to get past "uMatrix has prevented the following page from loading" - -

    Trouble is, unlike the VERY nifty new-for-1.1.14 feature Ray described in great detail at the bottom and that I've already used a number of times (it parses URL parameters and really does give the intended hyperlink so you skip over the ad garbage and go directly to the page wanted) the top screenshot and explanation is incorrect, at least for me.

    For example, when I visit an AT&T site to rant, a Feedback tab appears on the right side. When clicked, uMatrix generates a popOVER window up stating - uMatrix has prevented the following page from loading: https://secure.opinionlab.com/ccc01/comment_card_d.asp

    Unlike his screenshot, these popover pages lack the isolated uMatrix icon or a tab on the top bar of the window (though there's one inside the address input line that doesn't do much) that standard FF browser windows would have. It lacks all of the typical FF icons - back arrow, refresh, search. There's just a very wide address window and the 3-barred settings icon at the far right.

    That big Caution sign might as well be a Dead End sign. I'm still unable to find a way to UNPREVENT (disable) the uMatrix block! Help??

    Also, I must not understand this review page's GUI. The review/question I posed a month ago that the dev kindly answered with info that others might benefit from reading has disappeared, with no warning that I was overwriting it by posting this second question a month later. It was still visible just before I posted this one. Any ideas wot hoppened??
    See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1465489

    One way to access the popup panel is through the logger. See https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/wiki/How-to-access-the-popup-panel-when-there-is-no-toolbar
  • Meglio di NoScript, perché decidi per ogni sito cosa usa e cosa no
  • Eigenlijk zou ik deze extensie helemaal niet mogen gebruiken: "*Voor gevorderde gebruikers.*" In praktijk is uMatrix echt voor iedereen te gebruiken, met geduld, lezen, proberen en jouw privacy wel belangrijk vinden kom je een heel eind.
    Echter wat ik nooit begreep, wat mij als muziek in de oren klonk; "Alle regels worden aan een bereik gerelateerd. U kunt bijvoorbeeld ‘facebook.com’ en ‘facebook.net’ *overal blokkeren*". Tot vandaag dan, blijk je gewoon op het sterretje (net onder de u van uMatrix) te kunnen klikken en dan selecteren/blokkeren waar je never nooit geen verbinding mee wil maken. Simpel, duurde alleen hier een paar jaar voordat ik het doorhad.
    Daarom ook deze beoordeling, om daar op te wijzen en iedereen te bedanken die uMatrix mogelijk maakt. Fantastische extensie, zonder zou je mijn inziens niet het internet op moeten gaan.
  • The best ad blocker for any browser. Once you understand how it functions, you get granular control over which javascript can run in your browser window - down to which cookies can be set.

    I know others use this with NoScript. I have it set alone, and it handles everything thrown at it admirably. Cannot recommend this addon enough. Many thanks Raymond Hill for your superb efforts.
  • I could not be happier to have found this addon after using NoScript for so long.
    UMatrix is far superior in every way. The UI (with colorblind mode) is much more information rich while giving far more control about allowing elements in large or small ranges (your choice). I highly recommend looking up a quick guide somewhere about how to use it, because I can't believe I was using NoScript for that whole time while UMatrix was around.

    Thank you Raymond!!!
  • so fricking awesome... now i really feel i have complete control.. still exploring.. will get back again.
  • [Feature Request] Let users upload Ruleset recipes and 5 star vote each other, available for everyone in the dropdown menu
  • Sehr wichtiges Addon!
    Erlaubt fast eine komplette Kontrolle :)
    Sehr arbeitsintensiv!
    Aber es lohnt sich, weil man dann etwas versteht, was für Zweitanbieter alles nachgeladen werden und welcher #Datenschmutz uns belästigt.
    Im Namen des Datenschutzes MUSS man mindestens diese Erweiterung nutzen und vllt Ghostry! :D
    Man kann am besten von Anfang an alle Scripts und Cookies blockieren, durch Einfügen dieser eigenen Regeln:
    * * script block
    * * cookie block

    Danach hat man allerdings mehr Arbeit Seiten zum Laufen zu bringen, die unbedingt Cookies brauchen.
    Aber es ist im Namen der Sicherheit :)

    Immer regelmäßig Backup eigener Regeln und Daten machen!!!
    Data und Rules bitte in aussagekräftige Dateien abspeichern in zentrales Backup-Verzeichnis, mit Datum, zB für die Regeln:
    my-umatrix-rules.2018.01.13.vom Firefox Browser.Backup.txt
    Für die Daten (wenn diese die Regeln nicht schon enthalten?):
    my-umatrix-data.2018.01.13.vom Firefox Browser.Backup.txt

    DENN: Jeden Tag wachsen Daten und Regeln!
    Wer will die bei einem Unfall schon gerne verlieren?

    Und: Die Daten und eigenen Regeln sind bei verschiedenen Browsern untereinander austauschbar.
    Also beim Browser-Switchen immer erst die wahrscheinlich aktuellere Version der uMatrix-Rules des letzten Browsers importieren :)
    Es wird nicht einfach.

    Was fehlt:

    1. Die exakte Auswahl der Skripte der jeweiligen Site, die bislang immer noch pauschal alle erlaubt oder geblockt werden können.

    2. Mehr farbig markierte Optionen statt nur Rot und Grün.
    Zusätzliche Möglichkeiten:
    Rot-gestreift = Temporär geblockt für bestimmte Site bis Tab oder Browser geschlossen.
    Grün-gestreift = temporär erlaubt ...
    Blau = Permanent GLOBAL erlaubt über alle Sites.

    Frage: Sind meine Regeln in meinen Daten schon enthalten, wenn ich die speichern will aus dem Addon zum Backup?
  • Hello

    I know this add on is for advanced users only but as an "average" user, I'd say that it seems to block everything and you end up just disengaging parts of the program so that a site works "properly".
    I've tried unblocking elements one by one but as there seems to be so many entries for sites nowadays, this can take ages and anyway, you often end up unblocking things you don't want to like cookies in order for a site to display correctly.
    The program per see probably works very well but there is a vast abyss between the theoretical and the practical.
  • Great addon! More easy use and UI-friendly than NoScript.

    I'd like to request a new feature: Binding multiple domains as "1st-party", as many company owning multiple sites, those sites may request each other as CDN, or fetching logged user info. So we could binding them together and benefit from the "1st-party" rule.


    taobao.com aliyun.com * *
    taobao.com alicdn.com * *
    taobao.com alibaba.com * *
    aliyun.com taobao.com * *
    alibaba.com taobao.com * *


    bind: taobao.com alicdn.com aliyun.com alibaba.com
  • Aplicación excepcional e imprescindible en los tiempos que corren.
    Sencilla de usar y muy potente.
    Lo dicho, si quieres tener el control sobre tu privacidad a la hora de navegar con Firefox necesitarás esta extensión.