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  • Cette extension nous permet de mieux contrôler le web et de nous protéger de celui-ci !

    Un grand MERCI à son auteur/concepteur !

    PS: N'oubliez pas, non plus, d'installer en complément sécuritaire à "uMatrix", les autres extensions du même auteur/concepteur comme "uBlock Origin", "uBO-Extra" et uBO-Scope" !
  • *must have*
  • Quite easy to understand & configure even with an average comprehension of the Web. Many thanks to Raymond Hill for his awesome work to protect us.
  • Wenn man sie richtig verwendet funktioniert die Matrix einwandfrei, super Schutz!
  • This is a somewhat advanced add-on for a beginner, but actually a great alternative for no-script. The gui is especially helpful to any new users.

    I would recommend using this right along side uBlock. As a pair they block most of the junk on the web. These add-ons also give great info on exactly what is trying to connect to you.

    ~ The content of the "Assets" tab is duplicates of what uBlock uses as filters. When using both uBlock and uMatrix there's no point to use the same filters twice. It would be nice if the Assets were more filled with rulesets that can be used in uMatrix specifically.
  • Most powerful addon in its category. Awesome
  • OK I have had huge issues with uMatrix abritrarily blocking certain elements in some sites, even if I add all the exceptions or even turn off the filtering for the entire site. I have finally figured out what is going on. If anyone else encounters this, open the uMatrix Dashboard, find the option "Spoof HTTP referrer string of third-party requests" at the bottom of the main "Settings" tab, and uncheck it. So far, I have found that doing this has fixed all of the issues I had previously encountered.
  • UMatrix: Soweit ich das beurteilen kann ist die Funktionalität besser als bei NoScript. Es werden alle urls sauber gelistet (mehr als bei NoScript) und man kann sehr gezielt entscheiden, was man freigeben will. Dadurch können ganz gezielte, fein justierbare Freigaben erteilt werden. Mit * * script block Eintrag kann man dauerhaft alle Scripte blockieren und er kann viel mehr als nur Scripte blockieren! UMatrix ist das beste!!!
    UMatrix hat doch deutlich MEHR Einstellungsmöglichkeiten! Die ganzen Spalten der Matrix einzeln verwalten, nicht nur Skripte, und das für jede Seite einzeln, geht aber auch global... Es gibt schwarze Listen, die man sich aussuchen kann... Alles das kann NoScript nicht.
    Das beste Addon aller Zeiten!!!
  • UMatrix is awesome.
  • fascinante
  • best and easiest to use. cookie block/lock sets it apart from similar blockers.
    the interface is similar to ublock but more easier and more accessible.
    very easy to learn and has a gentle learning curve.
  • Hey, how about to sync settings (my Rules) via FireFox Sync?
  • Muy útil a la hora de bloquear los elementos que uno no quiere ver en una página web.
  • I wouldn't recommend this to people that have a difficult time with computers in general as it can break some websites, but if you're patient and know what you want to block, uMatrix is better than any other script-filter out there.
  • Profi tool for managing content.
    Only thing I miss is selecting individual scripts on a domain for blocking...
  • mto bom
  • Very useful as 3rd-party content blocker and script blocker.
  • Thank you for uMatrix.
  • Thanks for the addon.