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  • Excelente mejora notablemente la seguridad del equipo.
  • Dodatek dla bardziej zaawansowanych użytkowników, nie ma co tu dawać niższej oceny za to, że po zainstalowaniu dodatek psuje strony, bo właśnie od tego on jest, po to by działał praktycznie jak zapora systemu która jest nieskonfigurowana od pierwszego momentu, domyślnie wszystko jest blokowane i wszystko musisz stopniowo, metodą prób i błędów dopuszczać. Polecam dodatek dla osób które są zaawansowane, dla tych mniej zaawansowanych polecam inny dodatek tego samego autora pod tytułem uBlock Origin.
  • После трёх месяцев эксплуатации :
    Спасибо за великолепную замену почившему NoScript-у.
    5/5 от меня. Продолжайте в том же духе.
  • Umatrix is a great and powerful add-on! It's not very easy to understand how it works at the beginning but it's worth the effort to learn how to use it in my opinion.
  • soft 3rd-party default-deny + * * cookie block + some per scope switches + all host files activated = i'm happy. no need for any additional privacy/adblock extension and fastest surf experience ever (in comparison with other content blockers). thx 4 your work & continuous development. new users: wiki : https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/wiki . the matrix is absolutely intuitive, far away from complicated. take your time, don't waste your time.
  • Easy to figure out what to turn on to get missing parts of a page to appear
  • Phenomenal extension! It's great for those with good knowledge of inner workings of web page loading / construction but it will be daunting to the uninitiated. The only minor complaint - on behalf of those without mad skillz - is there doesn't appear to be a newbie mode where uMatrix effectively acts like uBlock
  • firefox dev 60.0 woking very well, thanks!!
  • Excellent. This was what I've been looking for! Does a great job at selectively blocking unwanted scripts and 3rd parties.
  • An absolute must have to surf serenely on the internet.
    Simple and user friendly for anyone want to take back control of there digital life.
    One of the first addon I install on a fresh Firefox, the ultimate combo combined with a good ad-blocker for security, privacy and memory usage.
  • I don't like it, imho ScriptSafe is better.