623 reviews
  • Крутая штука без нее даже мобильный from не использую.
  • Essential.
  • THE BEST security and privacy tool around.
    Thank you Raymond!!!
  • Dla czego Firefox nie autoryzuje ubloka? bez tego dodatku nie ma sensu przeglądać strony internetowych
  • Awesome for controlling all aspects of what your browser does. It's also very astute for picking out (and stopping) third party activity.
  • Crucial addon for gaining control over your browsing security and privacy.
    It would be 5 star if it had keyboard shortcuts.
  • supersizing to see how javascript works , especially if one is trouble shooting connections. Very informative. thanks.
  • The best addon for Firefox available!
    If I were to chose only one addon to use in browser, it would be uMatrix: it almost replaces a lot of other privacy addons by allowing only desired requests (js, image-counters, facebook spyware buttons and etc).
    This extension is incredible for advanced users, long live uMatrix!
  • It's simple to manage, really nice add-on, thanks a lot to Raymond Hill :)
  • A great addon, but I wish its functionality would be merged with uBlock Origin's functionality, because personally I want to reduce the amount of addons in my browser as much as possible.