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  • Great adblocker!
  • Very useful
  • Léger, rapide, efficace
  • Классное приложение! Работает без нареканий, бывает проскакивает иногда реклама, но через какое-то время опять исчезает.
  • En az sistem kaynağı kullanıp çok fazla süzgeç sunan tek reklam engelleyici diye bilirim. Hangi tarayıcıyı kullanıyorsanız kullanın. Eğer tarayıcınız için sunuluyorsa uBlock origin dışında reklam engelleyicilere bulaşmayın.

    Dipnot: Bu eklenti yoksa en kötü Adguard seçin. Gerisinde iş yok.
  • super en complement de adblock
  • Best adblocker 21th century
  • Best ad blocker.
  • The best
  • Great extension!
  • Best I’ve ever seen.
  • Fantastic extension. Not only is it fast and effective, but unlike almost any other ad-blocking extension around, it is untainted by connections to advertising companies (which lead to those other extensions making exceptions for ads from companies that pay). Highly recommended.
  • Very effectively blocked the nagging redirects to aaucwbe on RARBG proxy sites when all popup blocker extension had failed.

    Instruction: enable advanced user > visit website in question > click UO icon on toolbar> 3rd Party Scripts > right column > select red > click the lock icon to make settings permanent

    Thank you Raymond Hill.
  • Etwas zu RAM-hungrig (zum Beispiel gegenübr uBlock lite).
  • Doesn't block Yandex and Yandex.Direct ads. This is painful, since I often use Yandex services and just don't want to see about ten of ads on weather forecast page. Other than that - it's great ad blocker.
    Fast, efficient etc. - all what you need from this class of addons. Weren't it for these Yandex ads - I would continue using this addon. As things stand now - I've got nothing but return to Adguard.
  • has become unpredictable, works fine and then starts blocking vital parts of sites I use. There is no way to find out why it will suddenly start blocking something. My choice is to turn it off or block the whole site. This makes sites I use on a daily basis a pain.
  • Muy buena
  • This is a very effective ad blocker works very well!!
  • The best adblocker/content-blocker out there. This is the first add-on I download whenever I install a new browser. Can't surf the internet without it. Thank you for creating this.
  • Being eguckiterd
  • nice
  • Отлично выполняет свою работу!
  • Don't save options after closing browser
  • Much better than Adblock Plus.
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