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2,915 reviews for this add-on
  • Best Adblock Ever

  • This works very well.

  • Me ha parecido bastante útil. No me puedo quejar por los beneficios que me brinda.

  • it is the god of all ad-blockers..

  • Perfect add-on, fast and secure.

  • fascinante

  • My Filters / Whitelist tabs take a very long time to load even though it was just reset to factory default. Almost 5 minutes+ on an i5 with 8GB RAM. If you have lots of rules, it takes even longer. On FF 61.

  • Absolutely cannot go without this PERFECT add-on. Love it!

  • Отлично работает, систему не грузит.

  • The best blocker there is. Under continuous development and refuses donations.
    No built-in tracking or analytics of any kind. True FLOSS.

  • great for blocking unwanted parts of websites - not only ads but also clickbait, sections with stupid comments like on Youtube, parts useful only for newbies, parts that are known time sinks (watchlist links) and more.


  • Very nice ad blocker !

  • ublock is a more intensive blocking extension.
    it's a good thing that there is sufficient documentation:

    "block media element larger than".. is a nice feature.

    the element picker is very intuitive. just point and click.

    blocking "behind-the-scene network requests" is interesting.

  • The Best One !!!

    5* +

  • Funktioniert bei nicht mehr. Jetzt erscheint bei "Warum sehe ich nicht?"

  • Avec L'age, on perd beaucoup de concentration et la pub nous agaces plus quelle nous sert ! Merci ublock.....

  • Est-il possible de facilement bloquer les carrousel ; voir par défaut pouvoir les considérer comme une pollution publicitaire ?

  • Great. Lite,fast,works. I love it!

  • It's more effective than ABP.

  • The best blocker I've ever used. It's great for those who need something working out of the box AND for "power users" (i.e., people who want more blocking control -> see advanced settings when you install).

    If you're a developer and know JavaScript, check out the repo at Again, excellent blocker!

  • Everything that a adblocker should be.

  • When ADB was bad, this saved everyone.

  • The most consistently ad blocking extension I've used. No bothersome pop-ups. Really a++

  • Très efficace ;-)

  • Good, but not block video ads. "Avira safety browser" good blocked video ads.