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2,913 reviews for this add-on
  • Блокирует всю ерунду, что лезет из Яндекса

  • No longer works the way it used to :(

  • Impressive, solid, fast.

  • It works.

  • Precise, customizable, open-source; What more could you ask for?

  • Le top !

  • cool ad blocker
    must have

  • uBlock Origin does what I need an adblocker to do. It blocks pesky ads and doesn't slow down my browser or my computer while it's doing its job. Bravo on a great add-on. Thanks to all concerned.


  • Great performance BUT....this addon is natively blocking various innocent CDN providers EVEN WITH all filters disabled (and even with the CDN domains being whitelisted too). That's a major problem with this atm. I literally have to disable the addon just to see such content which should never be blocked under any circumstance, so this is a showstopper for me.

  • Всё замечательно, но в последнее время очень стал зависеть от фильтра RUS: Adguard Russian Filter который стал блокировать некоторые сайты целиком (шапки), что приводит к не отображению ресурса как такового. Если выключить данный фильтр, то на многих ресурсах появляется реклама и RU AdList с этой рекламой не справляется, что печалит. Исправьте пожалуйста, а то приходится ставить доп.фильтры и стили.

  • Nice adblocker, recommend

  • Simply the best wide spectrum blocker for Firefox.

  • uBlock Origin ist mein wichtigstes Add-on. Es ist nicht nur ein perfekter Werbeblocker, sondern ein Allroundtalent. Es blockiert bei Auswahl entsprechender Filterlisten auch für Maleware bekannte Seiten, Tracking, Belästigungen wie die total nervigen Cookie Banner etc. Besonders imponiert mir, dass der Entwickler Raymond Hill sich entschieden weigert Geld für seine Arbeit entgegen zu nehmen, um auf keinen Fall den Anschein von Bestechlichkeit zu erwirken. (Hingegen ist Adblock Plus ein mafiöser Verein, der von zahlungskräftigen Werbetreibenden Millionen kassiert, um deren Werbung doch durch zu lassen. Wie Anfang 2014 allgemein bekannt wurde, zahlte Google 2013 z.B. 25 Millionen US-Dollar, damit seine Werbung durchgelassen wird). Bei uBlock Origin entscheidet der Benutzer selbst, welche Werbung passieren darf. Hält er eine Website für besonders unterstützenswert und will deren Werbung zulassen, so kann er diese mit 2 Klicks auf die Whitelist setzen. Außerdem ist Ublock nach Fachmeinungen zuverlässiger als Adblock Plus und auch vertrauenswürdiger weil es sich um Open Source handelt.

    uBlock Origin is my most important add-on. It is not only a perfect advertising blocker, it is also an all-round talent. It also blocks pages known for malware, tracking, annoyances like the totally annoying cookie banners etc. when selecting the appropriate filter lists. I am particularly impressed that the developer Raymond Hill decidedly refuses to take money for his work in order not to create the appearance of bribery. (Adblock Plus, on the other hand, is a mafia association that collects millions from financially strong advertisers to let their advertising through. As became common knowledge at the beginning of 2014, Google paid 25 million US dollars in 2013 to let its advertising through). With uBlock Origin, the user decides for himself which advertising is allowed to happen. If he thinks a website is highly worth supporting and wants to allow its advertising, he can put it on the whitelist with 2 clicks. In addition, Ublock is considered to be more reliable than Adblock Plus and more trustworthy because it is open source.

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  • This blocked all the ads, that I already had on my PC browser list, so this wonderful app gets an A+ and a 5 star rating from me.

  • This add-on needs to be more polished, as evident by the look of the dashboard, when compared to Adblock Plus. I find the numerous filter lists confusing, too.

    While this add-on have its downsides, there are some features that are lacking in Adblock Plus too, where this add-on gets to shine. One such feature is the ability to back-up your settings. This is certainly extremely handy for people who constantly switch devices.

    Overall it's a nice add-on, but there's a lot of room for improvement. Make it more refined and polished, and it will be the perfect adblock for anyone surfing the web.

  • Correction to my previous review: it is not uBlock Origin that was blocking in-line Twitter posts, but rather the Tracking Protection option in Firefox. Mea culpa!

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! Use this add-on will make your browsing experience better while ensure security, privacy, performance improvement. Unlike other content blocker, this add-on DOESN'T track you --> / This add-on is faster than all other content blocker, if you are looking for a content blocker, use this insted of adblock and adblock plus, they are not very good and will never good, though.

  • ขอบคุุณ

  • Does what is expected, does it well, is not contaminated with any “acceptable ads” or spying misfeatures.

  • O melhor!

  • Nice out of mind adblocker.

  • После обновления стал пропускать рекламу. Такое походу только на этом сайте

  • Bester Adblocker
    Aber warum verbindet sich das AddOn beim Start des Firefox mit verschiedenen Servern im Netz
    obwohl die automatische Aktualisierung (des Addons und der Listen) deaktiviert ist?
    Das war früher nicht so.

    Best Adblocker
    But why does the AddOn connect to different servers on the network when Firefox starts, even though the automatic update (of the addon and the lists) is disabled?
    That was not the case before.

  • niektóre strony nauczyły się wykrywać Adblocka, na szczęście jest uBlock, który póki co daje radę znakomicie