647 reviews
  • Loved it back in the day and recently on Palemon. Great to have it in FF again! Thank you
  • Great add-on, but missing auto resume feature. Please add feature to detect download timeout.

    Currently, a download could hang for hours and would not re-try. While all other queued downloads would be put on hold.

    Need ability to detect timeout and allow auto pause and resume download. Current work around is to manually pause and resume by hand, which is not convenient if you queue up a lot of files for unattended hours of download. The add-on should time-out if no download data received (set by user), and automatically force a resume/re-try.
  • Thank goodness it's back - thank you for remaking Download Manager. So light, so effective
  • Why all times that i quit from firefox then my chronology is deleted? I've choosen to do not delete my chronology if I quit from Firefox. It's a bug, please fix it
    does not display history from past sessions:
  • Es muy amigable