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  • 4 stars because it does not remember login info (username/password) between sessions (it could be optional).
  • Can not add ANY new bookmarks at all. when i click on the cloud in the upper right, the app opens but when you try to "add link or image here" nothing happens because you cant drag an image over or a link without firfox closing the riandrop window. ctrl+shift+E opens up the debuger so the hot keys dont work. It shouldt take me over an hour to figure out simple bookmarks and still get no where
  • Better than Pocket! It allows you to make collections (folders) for organizing. Plus, when you are adding a new bookmark (not in "mini application mode") it shows you a list of all your current tags as you type. This is very helpful because it keeps you from making multiple similar tags. I imported 4,000+ bookmarks from pocket and it kept all the associated tags for each link. It syncs to the Raindrop.io Android app so I can access my bookmarks anytime. Good on you Raindrop.io for making a bookmark manager that actually makes sense.
  • Absolutely useless "bookmark manager". It doesn't sync anything. It expects you to add the bookmarks manually. Why would I do that !? I already have bookmarks in Firefox. Sync those!!!
    We do not promoted that our extension is could sync with Firefox. Sorry for misunderstanding!
    You always could import your existing bookmarks and try to use Raindrop through extension. If it doesn't fit your requirements, you could export all bookmarks back!
  • I read a few of the negative reviews. 1 star for not having an icon for dark mode. Please. This is an awesome app and service. I've been looking for something for a long time, and settled on this. Folders, tagging, browser integration, editable description.
  • Would likely have rated it 5 stars, but the fact is that I cannot get the mini-app to work (can't go beyond login) - however, I can still add the bookmarks, so it's a nuisance mostly.
  • I do like this and use it a lot. I'd really like the omnibox search options to work better. Right now it shows a bunch of html code in my search results.
  • Although raindrop is still under development, it is a very good bookmarking tool. I can't say I'm anything close to an expert nor have I tried their competitors, but I would absolutely recommend not only the free version of this app (which gives EVERYTHING you need, with the exception being nested favorites), but the paid version is only 3 a month. (You DO get nested collections with that, not to mention a bunch of other goodies as well.) The devs offer the ability to vote on what feature should be implemented next, and that means a lot to me as a consumer. I've had firefox completely delete all my bookmarks before, YEARS of stuff just lost. But raindrop had me covered, as I had already imported all my stuff in there.

    Its really only going to get better as time goes on. If I could complain about 1 thing, it would be the ablitity to organize WITHOUT clicking and dragging. As in "move item 101 to position 3". Because it will make you drag something from a list of hundreds all the way to the top, and don't slip up, or you start again. That does suck.

    Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend this addon, and I do recommend spending the 3 bucks a month on the pro features too. It will make it worth your time, especially for those of you interested in game design or journalism. The amount of things you need to link back to in those fields is an honest nightmare, and I'd die without a software like this.
  • It would be perfect if there would be a visible ICON!
    FF Dark Mode: Icon dissapeared.
    Otherwise a very good Manager.

    I downrated this extension:
    although promised icon ist still invisible for dark modes users. a mess!!!!
    Sorry for your bad experience. Please try again, we improved our extension significantly last year.
  • simply the best bookmark and web content manager around
  • It's pretty neat. Works well in conjunction with Instapaper for things I want to read. I use this to track things, while Instapaper works for things I read.
  • Hi, In Firefox Quantum 65.0.1 64 Bits, the button of this extension dont change to blue when you save a web and still in the same page, instead this, the button become invisible. Please, can you fix this? Is one of my favorites extensions. Fix this and I will to change to 5 stars... Thanks...