292 reviews
  • very good
  • Fails to download error message. Pls advice. Android tablet
  • Гарант спокойствие!
  • I love it great app I would recommend it to anybody
  • Corrupt
  • FIXED MY S**T.
  • Its not working
  • Mozilla sangat bagus,smoga makin lancar.tapi saya tidak bisa bahasa inggris
  • coooooooooll
  • It's great
  • Many reviewers seem not to understand the simple purpose of this add-on.... It factually helps making the Capcha experience more fluid by identifying you automatically as a non-robot (in *compatible sites*).

    The annoying spyware and malware network that has become the corporate Internet becomes more sufferable. But that doesn't imply it will magically clean up mean sites that aren't even worth surfing.

    Privacy-Pass is the Sham Wow of privacy addons!
  • ads comes out a lot. Try to reduce the rate at which it come out