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  • Doesn't seem to work. Still getting pages that require completeing a Cloud Flare CAPTCHA. Unfortunately those pages are broken so completeing the CAPTCHA is impossible. :(
  • Good
  • I have installed privacy pass at least 10 times in chrome and this is my 4th time in Firefox it is the most intrusive difficult process when combined with the pic cars check list that I ever encountered in my life and I've seriously considered dropping chrome this application and Firefox if they don't go away very soon nobody can be having a good experience with this
  • No tengo experiencia
  • Good
  • Don't install on Orfox on Android: after download, a pop-up say that this add-on is corrupt
  • Installation always fails in Orfox.

    "the add-on downloaded from addons.mozilla.org could not be installed because appears to be corrupt"

    What could be causing this?
  • Anonymous
  • very good
  • Fails to download error message. Pls advice. Android tablet
  • Гарант спокойствие!
  • I love it great app I would recommend it to anybody