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  • Nice try, Cloudflare.com!

    But no, that’s not an excuse for website owners (and even less for hosters) to use an universal MITM instead of a proper IP-level DDoS mitigation.
  • Pas de mise à jour pendant des mois et ne fonctionne toujours pas. Quand vont-ils résoudre ce problème?
  • I rated it 3/5 because I'm not sure how well I's working? I get access to some places; however, it seems like I have to pass do those Capcha mandates frequently.
  • Ne fonctionne pas : Affiche juste un emblème rouge sur l'icône, pour des sites faisant la pub de l'extension Privacy Pass. Aucune info ou tuto sur ce que cet emblème veut dire ou comment résoudre le problème. Cliquer sur "Get Passes" dans l'extension ouvre https://captcha.website. Cette extension ne bypass pas le captcha, une fois le captcha fait, un token est affiché, mais pas récupéré par l'extension, ce qui ne sert donc à rien.
  • good
  • The idea behind this is to make the heavy catpcha misuse by lazy webmasters a bit less unbearable, at a potentially hefty cost to privacy. Which is still appreciable in the rare cases when you use proxies without looking for privacy at the same time.

    However, the add-on simply doesn't work. Clicking on "get more passes" just brings me to the add-on's website, which explains various interesting things about the extension but doesn't perform the task I was sent there for (giving me a way to obtain passes).

    Edit: okay, it works, but there's a big trick: the "get more passes" feature won't particularly trigger a captcha. So, if the IP you want to unblock is blocked even from receiving catpchas (thanks Google!!) but your normal IP doesn't even trigger a catpcha, then you need to find yet another IP that's in the middle (does trigger catpchas, but isn't blocked from solving them). Then it will work (solving the captcha will give you a bunch of passes, which you can use on your other IP).
    It really needs a proper way to manually trigger a catpcha...
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