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  • It doesn't work
  • Thanks 😘
  • nice idea. doesn't work.
  • Ok
  • This extension is not working and I still have to solve image captcha for 10 minutes. What the hell?
    Stop blocking people and block actual robots!
    Fix this extension already!

    Why this add-on exist here?

  • bzv
  • An endless cycle of completing captchas to not got any privacy passes to avoid completing captchas. Ugh.
  • Nice try, Cloudflare.com!

    But no, that’s not an excuse for website owners (and even less for hosters) to use an universal MITM instead of a proper IP-level DDoS mitigation.
  • Pas de mise à jour pendant des mois et ne fonctionne toujours pas. Quand vont-ils résoudre ce problème?
  • I rated it 3/5 because I'm not sure how well I's working? I get access to some places; however, it seems like I have to pass do those Capcha mandates frequently.