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  • The best video streamer AND downloader ever with integrated adblocker. Only use this one!!!
  • There's a bug where if you try to skip with the arrow button the play/pause button won't work (it flashes really fast) and while the playback isn't affected, you cannot pause the video and it's somehow making my browse so heavy to the point my laptop's fan is making noises.

    Idk about other hosts but it affects gounlimited (which is the only host I'm currently using). Could this be fixed?? Thanks in advance

    EDIT/REPLY: Thank you so much for the reply and the bug fix!
    Anyway the problem is that although the problem isn't there anymore when you play through the embedded player (like when the OpenVideo logo replaces the embedded player's logo, it (when the play/pause button flashes) is still there when you try to play video through the Open Video logo on the browser's toolbar (sometimes the OV logo doesn't replace the embedded player so you have to manually click the OV logo on the toolbar to watch the video).
    The bug is already fixed in the latest version. You may have to reinstall OpenVideo to get the latest version. Firefox takes some time to update extensions to its latest version automatically.
  • I like this addon a lot, but there's this bug that's been annoying me for a while. For some reason, when you play a video while this addon is enabled from, say, mp4upload for example, the Player doesn't stop to Play/Pause the video furiously as soon as you try to move back and forth in a video by pressing one of the arrow keys. This doesn't affect video playback per se, but it makes it impossible to pause it and leave it paused for a while, which is annoying.

    Any chance it could be fixed?
    Okay I see xD I'll do my best but it is probably just a quick fix ;D
    [Edit] It is fixed now!
  • The AddOn is really helpful, but please fix the naw bug.
    When OpenVideo opens a new Tab after clicking a Videostreaming Link the Videoplayer is a bit buggy.
    For example if I want to skip or rewind 5 secs with the Arrow Keys the Videoplayer starts pausing/continuing the Video nonstop.
    can you send me a link to a video where thats the case, I can fix this probably in no time :D
    [Edit] It is fixed now!
  • A very interesting add-on. However, I can't seem to change video quality. For instance, on a RapidVideo stream I can select from multiple qualities for the video, but after activating the add-on it only streams in the default (in this case lowest) quality.
  • Suitable for 枫林网. Only this addon works, amazing! <333
  • Bypasses ads on streaming sites and adds features like changing the time with the arrow keys and scrolling to change volume to players that don't normally have them.
  • Excellent plugin - works on most sites and perfect for me because I have a very slow connection and I use this to download instead of stream. The downloading doesn't seem to work anymore on my slow connection since the May 25 update (nothing happens when I click the icon), hope that it is improved on the next update. Thank you for this awesome plug-in! :)
  • This Addons is amazing <3 5/5.
    But if it is possible fix the last patch. Videos really long connecting with stream, especially when you want to skip some part of video. Thanks!
  • I love it thank u
  • openload doesnt work anymore please fix this
    Fixed! thank you for mentioning it :)
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