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  • Overall good but I can think of two improvements

    Why does it have a counter when i go on youtube?
    Why not a simple disable button for when I dont want the addon to be enabled for the moment?
    You can disable the automatic viddeo search in the extensions options. But you're right, on Ishould disable it on YouTube :)
  • Very good
  • Extensions are great, but need to improve the interface of the settings on Android
  • Very fast and no problems.
  • A good player and it loads faster then most players on the sites like:
    ► TheVideo
    ► OpenLoad
    ► StreamCloud
    ► Vivo
    ► VidTo
    ► FrutStreams
    ► RapidVideo
    ► SpeedVid

    but download can be slow depending what stream you use for me at least maybe there is a way to make it consistent but i didn´t find out how yet but it´s great cause there are no ads!!! So get it
  • STREAMCLOUD say (The video could not be loaded, either because your internet connection is too slow or because this video hoster is blocked in your country. Reloading the page, using a proxy (click on the OpenVideo icon) or a different video hoster might help.)
    And in Openload the progress bar is very small to change the position easyly
    StreamCloud now works fine againn, thank you for mentioning it ^^
  • Es realmente genial, porque hay videos que no puedo ver, que en utilizando openvidio puedo.. asi estoy muy feliz haber encontrada este add-on.. y sin pop up inútil y molestando!
  • No way!!!! it actually Fracking Works!!!!..even Feels the Video plays Faster w/it than w/o it!
    And Before I had to disable My Blockers, NOPE not ANYMORE , this is Fracking Sweet!!!
    Just one Suggestion : Allow USERS who installed this app to E-MAIL you to PRIVATELY SUGGEST what SITES and HOSTS they would like it to work on, we all know that we never want to rely on just a Few SITES or HOST, ..Thanks You!! Dominik!!!!! Your a Genius!!!
  • Videos are loaded in the video player of the add on without problems and without annoying disruptions.
    The videos run smooth without lag.
    Downloading videos works and a fitting name for the video file is automatically taken.
    Fullscreen depends on which video host you take. It doesn't work on all video hosts but this is not really a problem.
  • I don't have to wait these 10 seconds before the video starts anymore, I love it!
    The automatic video detection sometimes doesn't detect videos. But after reloading the page it works fine.
  • GOOD
  • Funktioniert super! Klare Empfehlung