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  • Sweet and to the point! UI could use a bit of love but, I'm not going to be staring at it for hours at a time so no complaints!
  • the next spam review (working add-on, but bad review from without any negative feedback from an anomyous user)
  • It does exactly what you expect. Yet it explains clearly why some features are not implemented (such as the local url).
  • cool
  • Another two star rating without negative feedback and therefore a spam review…
  • Thank you for this add-on. It's exactly what I was looking for to make each new tab open my home (Google) page. Works great, perfect, no issues at all!!!!
  • It works but often it is slow. I click the new tab icon and then the tab opens and it takes a few seconds to redirect to my homepage. This is annoying when it happens so often. Firefox should have this feature built in!
    I doesn't take "a few seconds" on any of my systems and there were never a similar report in all the years. Please open an issue on Github for support.
  • If .jpg isn't a compatible format for the 'local file' option for new tabs, it's useless to me.
  • Perfect! Does one job and does it flawlessly.
  • Great add-on bringing a little freedom of choice to what I want to see in a new tab.
  • A bit too shaky forme
  • Works Great for me, Thanks! I sorta see how non computer savvy people can get a little confused by the settings page at first but its not confusing, its just simple. Just click custom URL in the drop down box and paste or type the web page you want and leave the drop down box on custom URL.
  • ???
  • Fixes what should have been in the base Firefox - what were Mozilla thinking?
  • Exactly what i was looking for,