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  • Very good! Only REALLY wish that firefox would let the could clear URL bar and then focus, so I could search right away.

    Under the "preferences" of this add-on it states that this is waiting on a change from Mozilla... when can we do this Mozilla? I can do this in Chrome perfectly fine...
  • Why does this extension need to access browser history to make a new tab?
  • Love it! Works perfectly. Now when I hit Control-T it comes up with Google -- with the cursor in the search bar. Thank you!
  • Bug: No longer focuses search field when "about:home" is set as a start page.

    Please fix.
  • it sucks
  • great
  • Great great
  • New version. Focus on site doesn't work.

    I use FF 59 64-bit, switch off all adds, and still focus not working. When I use new tab (about:home), and check box focus on site, there is no focus. There is no focus on address bar, and there is no focus on new tab (about:home).
    The previous New Tab Override version worked fine.
    Please test without other add-ons. I can't reproduce the issue. Focus on site works as expected in Firefox 59. If you still have a problem please file an issue on GitHub with more details.
  • I love the fact that my predetermined homepage, Bing, opens every time I open a new tab. I hate having all the favorites or whatever they are showing up and then having to click on Bing to get it to open in the newly opened tab. To me it's about like saying, "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" Yes! It's exactly what I want to happen everytime.
    Thank you for your review! :)
  • ценное приложение к Firefox, вместе с Unmht, Webpage Editable Switch ( удаляло любой контент), NoScript, Super Start, Tab Groups, EscCloseTab, Print Friendly & PDF, YouTube Video and Audio Downloader.
    Thank you! :)
  • Does what it says, and does it well.
  • Thank you thank you thank you!! The new tab with tons of media sites was making my CPU hit 100%. With all that stuff disabled I'm at 0% or 1% when idling on a blank tab. Saved me plenty of hassles plus eliminated personal *privacy issues* from snoopers who might look over my shoulders to see my top site(s) not launched in private window as I open a new tab. Is nobody's business. Thx!
  • A Bad rating without any review comment and anonymous looks like a fake review.
  • Hey guys, how do i put an HTML file fo' the new tab without extensions? Is there a way? I put 4 starts becouse it opens the "local file" without images.
  • Your New Tab webExtension has now been override by a better Extension:
    The new better tab extension are now fully supporting Access to local files via local URL. The new working new tab extension you can find here:
    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-homepage/ .
    If have just found and testet it on Firefox 58.0.2 and it is perfectly working fine
  • Shift command T did not work (Ctrl Shift T) because the new tab override would prevent previously closed webpages to open.
  • Please tell me what is missing if you give only four stars. Without comment a review is not very useful because I, as developer of the add-on, does not know what I have to improve to make you happy. Thank you.