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  • Great extension.
    Please, can you add markdown type mime "text/markdown" support (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7763).
  • Awesome! Works very well, good job!
  • Doesn't work. There's no button, and opening a local file on Linux still tries to download it.
  • This addon is the only markdown reader. But at now it's not working at all - I use Manjaro 17.1.12 Hakoila, Firefox 62 and I don't even see a button on the panel. I tried creating a new profile, same thing.
  • Add-on works fine on Linux for local .md files using the mime type mod.
    But where do you make the equivalent change for Firefox on OS-X?
  • The markdown viewer is amazing, very neatly done and robust. I even test it on a large .md file with no hiccups.
    my only concern is a recent update recently, where a simple Markdown Viewer is requesting my permission to access personal data of all websites. I'm afraid this is a deal breaker for me. Why would a markup reader want to access my personal info of all my websites?
    I'll gladly update my review and rating once that suspicious permission is tackled.
    thank you
  • I use it to copy the webpage link into LaTeX with the hyperref package. I modify the default markup syntaxis with one appropriate for LaTeX (plus hyperref):

  • Not working. Tried to update mime database but firefox just won't render local and online .md files, even the README.md on github.
  • Exactly as advertised. I open .md or .markdown files in the browser and this "beautifies" them. Many thanks!

    One suggestion I have is to have a "dark mode" that inverts the black on white or to have a "Custom CSS" box in the settings that would allow us to adjust this.

    If this plugin is available on GitHub (haven't checked yet), I might consider making a pull request to implement the feature ^ mentioned above.

    Edit: Fix typo
    Thanks for the feedback! There is a Custom CSS box in settings, and it should do what you want. Try entering " body { background-color: black; color: white } " as the CSS.
  • I cannot make this addon to display a markdown document which is located on my system.
  • Works fine for file opened locally - raw markdown is displayed initially and upon clicking icon it is rendered correctly.
  • If firefox does not correctly assume that your files are UTF-8 encoded, a possible solution (besides using a Byte Order Marker in your file, which is annoying for several reasons) is the following:
    go to about:config and set the intl.charset.fallback.utf8_for_file variable to true. That worked for me.

    This is related to the following bug report:
    Thank you for the feedback and for this tip! I have added it to the README, and the README is linked from the add-on options page.
  • Note that the author notes that the extension only works "if the content is plain text". That means your browser needs to be rendering the file in a tab already, just without rendering the markdown elements. If it's downloading it instead, the suggestion from 7cac17 below, to add a MIME type for markdown files, worked for me (I'm also on Ubuntu).
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