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  • didnt work
  • it doesn't work at all.
  • Not working with this URL: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/6033c7fcb0caf7de6f0eec4637e79756/raw/71a19f13314e0e4af8c0913dd7131465b5910488/ja_en.md
    And, it chooses wrong encoding system for Japanese characters. You can also reproduce it with above markdown file.
    Your site gist.githubusercontent.com replies with a CORS header Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Firefox therefore refuses to inject the add-ons scripts into the page, so your markdown never gets rewritten/beatified. If you save the file locally and view that in the browser, it should convert. But since your file is UTF-8 with no BOM, you will need to configure intl.charset.fallback.utf8_for_file to true. Please see the project README file for more details.
  • It is a nice and quick add-on, but the only limitation is it looks like not well support non english charater unless encode under utf-8 with bom
    Thank you for the review! There are now solutions for this. Please try the latest version and check out the README file. It explains how to configure a setting which supports local UTF-8 files with no BOM.
  • 中文无法正常显示.
  • This add-on just works, I can now view markdown files with no additional software.
  • It just displays .md files. Plain and simple – exactly what I searched for (there are MD editors with far more bells and whistles, if you want to, this one is totally minimalist).
    Unfortunately, Firefox (at least under openSUSE Linux) has an issue with the MIME type. The solution linked here solves it: https://github.com/KeithLRobertson/markdown-viewer/issues/2
    Oh, and btw, it only works (for me) with UTF-16, not UTF-8 as long as you don't manually add it a BOM, which is somewhat unusual … (can be fixed with " sed -i '1s/^/\xef\xbb\xbf/' foo ")
  • Works well. I noticed that "##Some header here" doesn't convert to an , but "## Some header here" does (note the space after the ##). But, at least according to daringfireball, that space *is* required, so...
    Yes, it's required! Thank you for the positive review!
  • Presque parfait !
    Petits bémols:
    1) Il faut remplacer les sauts de ligne Linux (LF) par des sauts de ligne Microsoft (CR/LF).
    2) Le rendu HTML est parfois assez différent de ce qu'on obtient avec un convertisseur standard.
    Mais le résultat est néanmoins très acceptable.
    Thank you for your feedback.
    2) This addon uses a standard converter, markdown-it. I think the issue is not the conversion. Probably the Markdown is simply not *styled* the same as you are used to. Version 1.2.0 adds a feature where you can apply custom styling (CSS) for local markdown files; in the future I plan to add a feature to support standardized and custom styling for all markdown files. Eventually.
    1) I am not sure what you mean. I was able to view Markdown with Linux (LF) line endings, and they look just the same. Please open an issue on the project in github and describe the problem you are seeing.
  • Just remplaced Markdown Viewer on firefox 55.0.3 , OSX.
    Does not recognize .md local files. Got FF asking what to do with the file.
    I'm sorry you are unable to use the addon as needed. But I believe the problem is that FF never hands over control of the document to the addon. Check Issue #2 on the github page where there are (links to) configuration steps which have worked on Linux. Perhaps they will work on OSX. Please try them and comment on the issue what steps you took and what happened. Thanks.
  • Github markup renders very well. I'd like to thank the author, it works perfectly for me!
  • I was perfectly satisfied with the older "markdown-viewer" add-on until I found
    out it prevented FF's multi-process (aka e10s, electrolysis) feature.

    Glad I found "markdown-viewer-webext"! It renders perfectly acceptable, but different, HTML.