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  • Indispensable pour gérer les mot de passe de + en+ nombreux. Permet aussi de classer et se rappeler toutes les URL d'accès aux sites Web et se stocker un tas d'information en fonction de profils d'utilisation.
    Et maintenant sur smartphone on peut protéger l'accès avec lecteur d'empreintes digitales.
  • Saves passwords, works well.
  • This version of the extension doesn't have 'copy username' or 'copy password' options like its chrome counterpart. :( I like the new firefox and am growing annoyed at the omission on lastpass' part.
  • Doesn't work on FF Quantum nearly as well as it used to before the FF update. Lots of features gone. And now, in the past week or so, I have to disable & enable it every time I open FF or it doesn't work at all. Just about ready to m ove on...... LP - are you working on fixes or is this the best we're going to get now???
  • Super useful.
  • he dont do autofill passwords and user names of local devices i must copy past it manuly
  • Perfect
  • not working properly on firefox quantum ... it logs off every time a restart the browser .. really annoying
  • Gets confused sometimes
  • Does not work well with websites that use Web Components polyfill, for example https://polymer-project.org/ or https://cloudstitch.com/.

    I reported this to LastPass more than 2 months ago and it is still not fixed.
  • LastPass is always great, but the Add-On for Quantum really sucks.
    It forgets the mail, and it happens that, even though I'm logged in, it does not load my accounts (list completely empty)
  • This plugin lacks a couple key features compared to other browser versions. The most important one being the ability to copy a password or user name without having to open the full application and "un-hide" the password.
  • Mozilla Quantum really broke this extension. Features aren't at parity with Google Chrome. It's just gotten worse and worse. Every time I try to use this it breaks now.
  • After months still does not work on Android
  • Not working well with Firefox Quantum. Far better with Chrome. I also have weird conflicts between Lastpass and eBay. Lastpass is causing the page refresh on eBay to hang. As soon as I logout of Lastpass, eBay then refreshes with no problem. That said, I was always a big fan of Lastpass, but I find it buggy anymore.
  • Cool
  • Best Password Manager for any device.
  • Generally a good app, but needs updates to work best with Firefox Quantum. I miss the ability to manually copy-paste usernames and passwords on sites where the app can't recognize the login fields correctly.
  • Only works on about half the sites I visit.
  • Cannot sign into Lastpass at all.
  • I love lastpass but for several weeks now the addon will never probably work in firefox android. When you go to click on a login field lastpass asks you to login, but after you do it never completes or logs you into the app, it just hangs there with the busy swirling wheel indefinitely.
  • No longer works on Firefox. Will not auto-fill any username or password. Icon stuck on yellow.
  • Working great as always
  • Not easy to use. I can't figure it out. I thought it would be like Google or Yahoo,but ???
  • Can not login to use it on Firefox for android stuck on login screen. Appears to be having the same issue for several months now