3,581 reviews for this add-on
  • confusing
  • It gets deleted from Firefox too often.
  • Missing features (compared to Chrome), buggy (sometimes doesn't show) and even completely breaks some sites (well documented issues where sites break unless this addon is disabled).
  • Maybe the half-baked Quantum extension will be finished *next* November..
  • As desktop ff version-same shame.
  • 5
  • The best
  • tres bien tres pratique super merci
  • This app is a lifesaver. I always sucked at remembering passwords. But with this app i am in love. When ever i need ti sign in it already does it, I don't know how i lived without this app.
  • Sorely lacking compared to Chrome. Main issue is the lack of a copy option for passwords. I use that all the time in Chrome for sites that don't autofill - now I have to edit the lastpass entry and copy from the password field manually.
  • I sure hope they update the Firefox extension soon, it has problems. Refusing to autofill in numerous sites, no copying choices in the dropdowns... The product itself is fine.
  • It does not work in private browsing. My only option is to edit the password which requires making it visible and then use copy and paste. Real secure, people!
  • Login broken in FIrefox 57 suddenly. No error, just never logins.
  • I cant log in in FF57!
  • Ich bin sehr zufrieden!!!
  • パスワードの自動入力でしかなく、Manager機能はもっておらず、パスワード収集されている可能性もあり、
  • its still not working on FF57
  • funziona solo per poche maschere
  • Two stars as it used to work. Currently unable to login on Firefox mobile due to the MFA window not accepting codes.
  • The add on does not work at all!
  • Like so many others have already said, the removal of the username/password copy facility has completely ruined this plugin.

    I have to 'edit' the saved info to manually copy the password. This is much less secure as I need to make viewable the password in order to copy it so anyone overlooking me could intercept the password.
  • This lacks the functionality of the Chrome version of the extension, the worst part being that you cannot copy your username or password when you right-click in the LastPass menu dropdown.
  • Simply prominent in what it does. It does it well what it supposed to. Only when using on mobile, the login popup is bit larger covering up half screen and remaining half by mobile's onscreen keyboard. :)
  • As others indicated, with 2FA you simply can't log in to the lastpass extension on Firefox mobile.

    Seems like a UX issue rather than seriously technical but Logmein appears to have concentrated all the lastpass developers into making extra bits to sell rather than making the product work.
  • Does what I have used LastPass years to do, remember and auto-fill my passwords! Look nowhere else.