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  • Не работает
    Не могу залогиниться даже
  • Keeps logging out from time to time. Rather irritating.
  • Το χρησιμοποιώ χρόνια. Όσο πάει γίνεται καλύτερο και αναντικατάστατο.
  • J'ai résolu le problème d'affichage de connexion et d'auto login Lastpass à l'ouverture de la session Firefox en apportant un Firefox tout neuf!.
    Allez dans aide->info. dépannage (about:support) et repérer le répertoire profil Firefox ...firefox/"numero".default
    Utiliser FirefoxSync et enregistrer / synchroniser vos marque page/préférence/module puis fermer Firefox.
    Allez dans le dossier "numéro"".default et renommer-le en "numéro".default2 puis créer un nouveau dossier (vide) "numéro".default (attention, le "numéro".default doit être identique au dossier du profil d'origine)
    Ouvrez Firefox qui sera vide, puis dans le menu à droite vous allez vous connecter à firefoxSync puis décocher tout de suite les modules à synchroniser (si vous n'avez pas pu c'est pas grave) ensuite Fermer Firefox
    Copier le dossier firefox/"numéro".default2/"extensions" et coller dans firefox/"numéro".default/ (remplacer par. si nécessaire)
    Il vous suffit d'ouvrir Firefox puis dans outils -> module complémentaire de activer un par un tout les modules. (LastPass vous demandera de créer un compte ou vous connecter comme si vous aviez ajouter le module pour la première fois.)
    il est possible de devoir réinstaller certains modules pour leurs bon fonctionnements, même si ils sont activé
    Je suis sur ubuntu

    I solved the problem of connection display and auto login Lastpass when opening the Firefox session by bringing a brand new Firefox!
    My solution temporary is to save firefox with Sync
    Then renamed the profile folder in the firefox folder (as xxxx.default2)
    Create a new folder with the old name of the profile (xxxx.default) then launch firefox which no longer needs to contain anything.
    Start the Sync by unchecking the modules.
    Go to the renamed profile (xxxx.default2) and copy the extensions folder to the new (empty) profile that existed in the past (xxxx.default)
    Then activate one by one the Add on tools-> add-ons.
    it is possible to have to reinstall some modules for their proper functioning, even if they are enabled
    I'm on Ubuntu
  • Does not work on Firefox Android
  • 以前这个扩展还不错,现在已经无法正常使用了,根本打不开,也不知道天天更新的啥玩意
  • Perfect for desktop, useless for mobile. On Firefox for Android extension I can't log in after writing the password, I waited and waited yet it doesn't do anything.
  • Used to be great, but for some reason it is now missing a load of features that the Chrome extension seems to have. The autofill fails now and then, copying your password manually is way too hard and should be available within 2 clicks.
  • It doesn't work neatly as it does on chrome. Copy Password option can be seen but does not copy anything.
  • Does not work since the lastest minor version 4.16.x. I set Firefox to never remember history and the LastPass refuses to work. Downgraded to previous minor version 4.15.x, but if this keeps up, I may have to consider switching to another password manager.
  • Ervaring was aanvankelijk positief maar veranderde plots. Kreeg steeds bij het opstarten van Firefox een scherm met "u bent er bijna", klik op, dat weet ik niet meer. En niet weg te krijgen. Heb op den duur Last Pass dan maar gecanceld. Zeer tegen mijn zin, toegegeven.
    Eergisteren, gisteren, vandaag probeer ik LastPass voor Firefox opnieuw te installeren. Boter aan de galg: ik neem aan dat ik een nieuw account zou moeten maken. Krijg in de plaats steeds opnieuw een venster met "e-mail adres reeds in gebruik". Wachtwoord van maanden geleden is natuurlijk niet meer geldig, maar een nieuw generen? Gaat niet. Ik ben 77 jaar maar zo'n boeltje heb ik nooit meegemaakt. Als de beveiliging van de wachtwoorden even rommelig is staan we er slecht voor.
  • I have used this for years and recommended and installed it for others. Recently, it has started going to the Last Pass website when I log on even though I have "Show My LastPass Vault After Login" unchecked...and always have had it unchecked. It also has stopped doing a good job of auto-filling my passwords, and I have to go search for them in my vault and copy and paste. I am using the latest Firefox (61) with Win 10, and it seems people are reporting a lot of bugs with the new FF. Someone said LP sold, and that was the reason for the decline in quality. Whatever the reason, I am no longer installing or recommending, and I am searching for a new pw manager. It kind of worries me that if they can't get their software to work correctly then how can I trust them with my passwords.
  • can't even show login window. disaster.
  • LastPass has been in decline for the last year, and latest updates just take it from bad to worse.

    - Latest version it is impossible to login to the extension. You must visit lastpass.com to even get the plugin to accept the login.
    - Preference settings repeatedly do not save. I hope you like the defaults because you can't change them.
    - Often the plugin menu itself will not even open if I need to login to a site. I have to open a new tab, then open the menu, and copy/paste the password out manually.

    This extension is junk. My company standardized on LastPass about 5 years ago and it didn't suck so much then. Now I think we made a mistake and would not recommend this service to anyone.