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  • sehr gut und sicher
  • Die neuste Version für Firefox ist einfach nur schlecht :( dabei war diese Erweiterung mal richtig gut. Leider oftmals kein Autofill möglich und es fehlt die Möglichkeit Passwort und Benutzername der Seite einzeln zu kopieren. ...
    Bei Android Firefox scheitert bereits der Login ... Schade...
  • Absolutnie nie wyobrażam już sobie życia bez LastPassa. Szkoda tylko, że na Chromie można osobno skopiować hasło i nazwę użytkownika, a w FireFox nie.
  • Until a few month ago, I would have given LastPass 5 stars without the slightest hesitation but, in its current state, the practicality of LastPass is thrown out the window. It still stores my passwords just fine, but in actual use it's suddenly very cumbersome.
    Most serious, the copy password / username option is gone. Instead one has to open edit password, make password visible, copy and finally close the window manually. It's might not seem like such a big deal, but the 10th time in one browsing session, it starts getting annoying.
    Other new headaches include the lost auto-focus when logging in or searching sites, and the password generator working less well.
    The years of positive experience in the past make me stick to LastPass for now. I'm not keen on the process of researching and migrating to another password manager, but I admit that I have started to look for alternatives, in case these things are not solved reasonably soon.
    I would not recommend to start using LastPass at the moment.
  • Hasn't worked on Android for several months, updates keep coming but none of them fix the fact that you can't log in. I enter my username and password, it sends me to the 2fa page, I enter the code, and nothing happens.
    I'm a premium user of LastPass for the moment but this is becoming a deal breaker!
  • Was told to update to the latest version as it has repaired the copy password functionality. Nope, still doesn't work.
  • Can't copy passwords to clipboard on desktop.
    Can't sign in on mobile.
  • sehr schön
  • I really love this program!!
  • Given up on this hasn't worked properly for months . Used Last Pass for years no more .Using Bit Warden now! works like Last Pass when it worked.
  • Fast, and secure, portable app. very convenient for anyone on the go.
  • I used to love this password manager, and I am also a paying subscriber.

    But since the last major firefox version LP lost the ability to copy password and username in any of the context menus. The safari extension already lost that functionality a while ago, but it didn't anoy me that much there. But I don't see any security problems being able to do this. But if I have to open my safe and then go to edit and then copy username/passwd, I can use much safer and more solid out-of-browser solutions.

    I already contacted LP in various ways, but I only got marketing responses aka "yes, we know it is a problem, and we will fix it". Well, Christmas Shopping finally pissed me off and I am migrating to another password manager and won't re-subscribe when my subscription runs out.

    I used to like LastPass, but that is just too unpractical...
  • I have been unable to use Last Pass for the past few months. I can't recall now at which Firefox update the Last Pass add-on ceased functioning properly, but I have been vacillating between using an alternative browser (usually Opera) with Last Pass and continuing to use Firefox, but with Bitwarden.

    Bitwarden has been great; the only downside is that at present one cannot use it for Form Fills and to store Secure Notes, and such like. But it Autofills my passwords on Firefox with no problem at all.

    I am a Last Pass paying subscriber but I am very likely to allow my subscription to lapse when it next becomes due.
  • Why i can't copy like before? I have to 'edit' before I copy my password!
  • 有用!很棒!推荐!
  • On Firefox 57.0.2, it won't remember my email even if the "Remember email" option is checked. Please fix asap.
  • Very good
  • Two-factor authentication is bugged. If I fail to pass the second step within like 2 minutes after entering my password, the extension won't accept the code, and won't react to subsequent attempts to enter the password (I open the login window, enter the password, and then the window just closes and nothing happens). I need to reopen Firefox to make the authentication work again.
  • doesn't work on android. cannot login
  • I? Totally satisfied with thisspp it does everything its great
  • I used to be able to right-click on an entry and copy just the username or the password, even if I'm not on the correct domain. Now I'm forced to go to the "edit" screen to access anything without jumping into my vault.
  • Can't log in on ff57 mobile on android 7.0, two factor authentication doesnt seem to work
  • LastPass is almost indispensible! I would not wish to be without it and it is my number one app of all time.
  • Extremely useful, compatible, secure, and reliable. It's cross-platform and now, for free. So, that's every device that you have to remember your passwords for - cell phone, computer, laptop, Chromebook, Mac, etc. It'll even generate a secure password for you, if you can't think of anything else or you want that added security!