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3,379 reviews for this add-on
  • It stopped functioning properly some time ago. It does not log out automatically, it is not able to fill usernames and passwords, it loses newly generated passwords frequently, not able to save new sites, etc., etc. This add on is a piece of junk.

  • With the current bugs (constant re-authentication, no copying username/password, no auto-fill) this extension is useless for me. Due to missing Firefox 57 support of this and other addons I have kept Firefox 54 for now with all auto-updating disabled. For all those in the same boat who want to also revert the LP extension back to a working version, here's the link:

  • This has been a very useful add-on, and now that LastPass has become a web extension, the incompatibility with FF57 is over. Thanks for that. BUT, the web extension lack the very useful "copy username" and "copy password" features! The user now has to open the Edit page for a website, unhide the password field, and then copy the password. That's not useful at all! Please fix this. ALSO, LastPass doesn't offer to save a newly registered site. The user has to manually save a page in the Vault.

    Fixing these could bring back the good old shine to LastPass again!

  • Last release just removed the two features i was using the most:
    - Cannot copy a password/username
    - Autofill doesn't work on Basic Auth windows

  • It just lack the most important features... Just copying a simple password is impossible without opening the edit window, we can't fill password on HTTP basic auth window any more, etc, etc :'(

  • 扱うサイトが多く細かいパスワードを覚えずにすむので重宝しています。

  • too many problems with lastpass for firefox.

  • super easy. generate secure passwords, never feel lost with last pass.

  • very good

  • Amazing extention, keep coding sir :D

  • Good

  • Очень удобное дополнение для любителей интернета с множеством аккаунтов на различных сайтах

  • This addon do not do nothing!!
    Wast of time!

  • Oh, LastPass. Been a user for about 7 years. If only your extensions weren't so buggy and bloated. But overall, thanks for the years of password management.

  • Not work properly with Firefox Quantum.
    But nice security solution.

  • Love itt

  • Has become worse and less reliable over the years.. The freshly installed version in FF57 allows to select the iconc (under preferences).. I have saved the settings. Nothing changed in FF. Closed the browser, and restarted. Result the old icons are back.
    Does anyone actually check the basic working of a released program??
    In addition the option 'save email' in the login screen does no longer work either. The email is blank every time I restart FF and go to the login screen (and yes the check mark 'save email' is set).

  • Many annoying bugs, but does what I need. Bugs include, login errors on VPN, does not save newly generated passwords on certain websites, requiring your to use the "forgot my password" to reset accounts. But it works and works for free.

  • Ein sehr gutes Tool zur Erstellung und Speicherung von Passwörter. Benutze dies schon über Jahre hinweg. Verwende selbst die Premium version.

  • Muy buena

  • При входе не запоминает емаил , приходится каждый раз вводить ... также не сохраняются личные настройки плагина

  • Not working. Cannot login.

  • Не может войти в аккаунт.

  • I Love this add-on it takes the stress out of remembering all those password's and it doesn't hurt that it's very secure... :-) Thank You Rich Parker (Property Manager)

  • Loving it. Using almost a year