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1,668 reviews for this add-on
  • Basically useless. It can't preemptively prevent cookies from being set. You have to go to the site which of course instantly sets a bunch of cookies, and only THEN you can block the site's trackers. Which means that for every site that's new to Ghostery, you'll have to go in and manually delete the dozens of cookies that got set. It's a whole LOT of work compared to what it would be if you could preemptively block all trackers.

    Note that I do have global blocking and block all turned on, they just don't seem to work right.

  • Me gusta mucho, muy eficaz.

  • Good

  • Fack Yeah this is awful addon

  • I am quite disappointed in the direction the creator has taken this extension.

    After years of use, I will never use this again due to the many concerns their recent developments have raised. I will be very careful to not use anything created by them in the future.

  • yeah after your latest update your toolbar button is greyed out and dead so bye bye

    Developer response

    That sounds like Firefox is out of date. Can you send us more info to

  • A chaque ouverture de Firefox, une page intempestive de Ghostery s'ouvre, et m'invite à "Surfer malin" (pas facile avec ce bug) et me demande comment je dois démarrer l'application (Ghostery) LOL ça devient redondant j'en ai marre et ne vais pas tarder à virer tout ça si le correctif se fait attendre !

  • Newbie

  • extra

  • Implements the display of ads and sets the opt-in WITHOUT user agreement. Inacceptable.

  • عالی

  • Ghostery mit Werbung.. somit fliegt das Addon runter von sämtlichen Firefox Installationen..

  • War ein hervorragendes Add-On, jetzt mit Rewards vollkommen unbrauchbar.

  • In der Vergangenheit war Ghostery ein großartiges Add-On. Mit den Werbeeinblendungen ist es für mich jedoch vollständig inakzeptabel geworden - schlagartig von 5 auf 1 Stern. Danke an die Entwickler für die Arbeit in der Vergangenheit, aber ich bin raus. Ghostery ist bereits deinstalliert.

  • Adware

  • Shows adds disguised as "Rewards".

  • Nice.

  • Not sure just feeling generous here you 4 stars here then 4some

  • beste beste

  • I love the fact i can see im blocking people that are tracking my every move

  • Lo que mas me gusta es ; el poder " ver o leer" sin las MOLESTIAS e INTERFERENCIAS de PROPAGANDAS BASURA.

  • great app

  • Файная дапаўненне! Вялікі дзякуй распрацоўшчыкам.

  • Ghostery is fabulous at saving time by removing the visual trash that only distracts from what I am actually looking for. Be gone you hawkers, back to the pools of word vomit and visual eye sores you seeped out of and stay there never to obscure my screens again!

  • good