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  • This extension is top notch!
    I have a project where I needed to match some text via regex and replace it with the match formatted into a URL.
    This extension does exactly that for specific URL's.
  • The "Apply automatic substitutions every _ seconds" function is VERY VERY VERY easily making the websites LAGGED and CRASHED.

    P.S. The above comment should be polite,does your mother teach you that?
  • Läuft gut unter Firefox 69.x
    Mein Anwendungsfall: Das Lesen von Texten mit UNNÖTIGEN Anglizismen wird künftig endlich erträglich. Diese App sorgt also dafür, dass mein Blutdruck weniger oft ansteigt und sie ist somit dem Erhalt der Gesundheit dienlich - besonders bei Texten aus Informationstechnik und Sport.

    Auch nett... Endlich kann ich die Namen bestimmter Politiker ersetzen.
    (Merkel -> Muddi , Trump -> Voll... , usw.)
  • Doesn't work, and I don't mean it has bugs/issues, I mean this extention does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, it can not be used, as it adds no menus, no button, no interaction of any kind other than to remove it, so that's exactly what I did. Don't bother with this.
  • Very well to correct people's misspellings.
    I would like the extension to correct the text on some url only.
  • Nice, but very heavy, 1.39 MB

    * If you need to use simple search/replace - use "Replace" from erosman, 57 KB
    * If you need to use automated search/replace (but without regexps) - use "Search and Replace" from rwanyoike, 36 KB
    * If you need to use favorites, find/replace history and templates for cursor auto-inserting - take "Find & Replace for Text Editing" from Dalimil Hajek, 945 KB
  • A sanity saver! I used it to replace Trump with F***face and I can actually smile again. Thanks Marc!
  • This doesn't work at all! I do everything correctly, but whatever selections I make, it won't allow me to add a substitution! Always I get an error message saying "You must add at least one substitution and correct all errors." WTF!!!
  • This addon almost worked perfectly, but the replacements aren't working on page load with Azure pages. Have to manually apply the translations once the page is loaded. I was looking for an automatic solution. Otherwise, this addon has it all.
  • This doesn't work for Firefox Android. You cannot add anything because the keyboard does not show up when you tap on a text field.
    It's for good reasons that it is marked as not compatible with Android.
  • This addon uses F9 as a hotkey to view the sidebar. The same hotkey used by Firefox for reader mode. As a result, whenever you press F9 to invoke reader mode, the sidebar is also activated. Please change the hotkey.
  • Great extension, extremely useful for language learners.
  • Awesome. I'm using it to replace the huge greeting on Google Hangouts with some generic text so I don't have to worry about opening Hangouts when I'm in a public place.
  • Works okay, but it's per-page. Have to redo this 1000 times? No thanks.