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  • This extension is prompted to be installed for every meeting a join. The other majors (Zoom, GotoMeeting, Chime, even Skype) just launch the app through a protocol registration.

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  • slow

  • ...you would think that a company like Cisco has decent QA and/or reads at least the reviews here.

  • Webex meeting audio connection stuck at "connecting". Switch to IE or Jabber works.

  • Yeah, as someone commented here this really doesn't work on Linux 64bit. Why? Is that so hard? Not to mention 64bit is probably 99% of all Linux desktop installations these days.

  • Merci bcp

  • Every time I want to join a Webex, I have to reinstall the extension and restart Firefox.

  • The addon is just a thin (technically unnecessary) launcher to start a Java app. Which in turn uses binary JNI extensions which are only provided as 32-bit binaries, so it fails on 64-bit systems, which is most systems these days.

    Can you please switch to industry standards? It's not the 20th century anymore.

  • Even if you have the app installed it complains that you don't have the app installed and asks you to install again.
    Please fix it.

  • Webex meeting page will keep asking to install addon. If you restart Firefox (54.0.1 (64-bit)) the addon will work and open up the Webex meeting. You have to repeat the process of installing the addon and restarting Firefox for each meeting.

  • The WebEx page says an actual Firefox will work. Starting the add-on it claims to need 51 or earlier.
    No wonder about the web site statement. It's almost 3 years old.

  • Love it!

  • Most of the times it does not even work... very unprofessional that there is no development for more days

  • It's not worked!!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously, how lazy was this? Brand new version of the plugin due to a security error, and it doesn't support Firefox 52!

  • Complicated

  • Just doesn't work. It keeps asking to download DMG file on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and FF 54.0.1

  • I can't believe this can't be fixed.

  • I've got the latest version of firefox for Mac (at IBM) and it says version 52, so the version must be for a different OS. I had to use Safari, and it worked fine using that browser, no add-on necessary.

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