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76 reviews for this add-on
  • So many difficulties trying to install with Firefox on the Mac...

  • ขอบคุณมาก

  • V

  • i was surprising about the nuevo additonals gracious muchas lord jesus be with the if thee an Angel

  • Application hangs at 10% on every Mozilla based browser I've tried.

  • I have been using it on chrome but will try it with waterfox.

  • Application gets stuck at 10%.

  • application gets stuck at 10% every time and fails to connect to server. In IE, it's working. This is really annoying!

  • Todo

  • Caught my girl ducking do mine

  • Not working the audio with Firefox.

  • Cisco Web Ex Extension SUCKS, Why am I blocked from using web page Before, I did not have a problem getting onto this. There is nothing wrong with this site. So why am I now blocked from it?

  • Having this extension activated, the audio in Ubuntu 16.04 64bits still does not work. Actually I do not know if the extension comes into operation because there is not something that indicates it.

  • ... still not working with Ubuntu 16.04 and Firefox 57

  • Doesn't work with Firefox 57 in Ubuntu. There is no support at all for Linux in their site.

  • doesn't work, bad bad not good

  • Doesn't work on FF57. You can do better Cisco!

  • Video with this add-on doesn't work, it only works if I do not install the add-on and run the temporary application.

  • It is not working together with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. When I try to share Firefox window, much elements in Firefox are disappeared and some sites stays corrupted. Disabling this addin helps.

  • After upgrading to Firefox 57, webex recorded webinars are failing to load. A message pops up saying I am using an unsupported version of Firefox, and that I should switch to Firefox 51 or lower. How many years ago is this message from?

  • After updating to version 57, application gets stuck at 10% every time and fails to connect to server. In IE, it's working.

  • On God I wish I could help with that.

  • Why i can't use this extension on android phone ?

  • Doesn't work with 64 bit Firefox for the player.

  • Since FF56 I got several presentation errors when I share my FF/ Screen. For example the fonts inside the tabs are not visible anymore, so navigating is not possible. Today I upgraded to Quantum (b13), started with a new profile, installed the Webex-Addons and...boom: The same problem. Am I the only one with this issue? I'm running W10 (64bit).