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76 reviews for this add-on
  • Doesn't work on linux at all.

  • So many other options, don't waste your time.

  • Ok

  • It does not work. Real pity that they cannot fix this bug.

  • Firefox Version 52.0.2 (32 bit) wird nicht mehr von WebEx unterstützt. Ich kann doch keine alte Version von Firefox installieren, nur damit WebEx wieder geht.

  • Paying customer unable to use it on the latest Firefox version. Only works on IE, which is not by default browser. This has been lasting far too long. Total shame.

  • We pay for cisco to use it. Can only use it on Chrome or IE which don't save passwords and login like Firefox. This extension says it works on all versions of Firefox but it obviously doesn't.

  • En una sola conferencia (solo voz) el plug-in se detuvo 7 veces.

  • 好的

  • no time for this nonsense. Back to Chrome i go. Why do they want me to leave?

  • This add-on stopped working after my latest update of Firefox. It would be great if team fixes it and sends an update for the same.

    However it asks me to downgrade to Firefox 51 to 52 which a user would not want

  • Webex add-on stopped working around mid-Feb 2017. Maybe because of newer firefox version? I'm currently on v51.0.1

  • It seems that this add-on only works like a charm with the 32bit version of Firefox but not with the 64bit verison. If it is the intention only to support 32bit version then maybe it should be worth to mention it in the description of the add-on.

  • works for 32bit firefox, but not for 64bit

  • Used to work for Firefox 64-bit, broken again around Feb 2017.

  • When I click a link for a WebEx meeting, the plugin isn;t detected as installed, if I download the installer via the link, it doesn't run and then if I install through the Mozilla addins site, it installs but still doesn't work.

    This has come about in the last few weeks.

  • 64-bit doesn't work; just use 32-bit firefox as theworkaround for now; download 32-bit at and after installation uninstall 64-bit in Winndows control panel

  • After installing, WebEx still redirects to "Download the Cisco WebEx add-on". Used to work until about 2 weeks ago.

  • Webex used to "just work." Now webex links want to install a Firefox addon, which doesn't seem to work.

  • Add-on is not working. need to use temporary solution link. Please fix this ASAP.

  • Hello,
    Seems that there is a problem on FF 51.0.1 (64-bit), I can't run it, it is disabled. Please fix this. Thanks

  • Please fix the addon, doesn't work with latest firefox, webex only starts with using temporary solution link.

  • I currently have Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) with the latest version of the webex add-on installed (1.0.5).
    Since last add-on update, webex meeting does not launch automatically from within firefox whereas it was working fine with previous version. I now have to download temporary program to launch a webex meeting.

  • WebEx is invaluable for professionals - it's well done (you CAN share anything, actually!) and is one of the few using the standard web ports, which eliminates the need for special IT permissions always impossible to get in large corporations. I am a heavy user of it, both hosting and joining meetings very regularly.
    For a long time, the add-on only worked in the 32-bit Firefox (while my regular browser is the 64-bit Waterfox), and even worse, it stopped working completely in the recent Firefox versions...

    But I have just installed the BRAND NEW v.1.0.1 (you may need to go to the Version Information section to get it) and not only does it work in the latest Firefox, but ALSO in Waterfox 50.0.2! Good job there... at last!

  • Webex don't work corretly on Firefox and Ubuntu 16.10. It's a very bad, no share screen, no sound on computer...
    It's a very poor software and solution for meeting on linux.