53 reviews for this add-on
  • Works perfect on my Android phone (Android 7.0), but not good on my Tablet with Android 5.1 because AMP sites are just empty. Where there should be the AMP-content, there is a empty place-holder.
  • Thanks for your work, now we can enjoy pics in higher quality. Thank you man!
  • Amazing, exactly what I wanted.
  • A lot of extensions like this exist but this one is open source and can only change Google.
  • I love it. I've always used chrome then switched to Firefox and was disappointed with Google searches. But didn't want to use mobile chrome and miss the integration from Firefox. This fixes everything for me.
  • Enhance your google with this addon
  • Made Google web and image searches act like they do on Chrome. Fantastic. Haven't really tested it extensively though but you just assume it's gonna keep working?
  • indispensabile per poter avere la voce strunenti di Google nella ricerca, senza questo addon non potrei usare Firefox Mobile
  • I hate that this has to exist, but I love that it exists.
  • Excellent add on for someone who miss the chrome layout
  • great!
  • Helps overcome the nerf Google Search applies to non Chrome browsers
  • FirefoxでGoogle検索した時に、Chromeと同じような画面で検索結果を見ることができ、特に画像検索で便利です。
    It is very useful, especialy in Google image search.
  • Makes things so much nicer! Great extension!
  • Exelente, funciona perfectamente (+1)
  • Really good but does this slow your browsing down because its an extra add-on
  • It is the best add-ons for Firefox Android.
    I realize that right click menu is disable when I use Google image search(when I tried to save image but it's ok with chrome on android). It will be perfect after the problem solved.thx
  • Ainda bem que existe essa extensão, um navegador tão bom e não abre a páginas do Google com formato mobile.
  • Fuck Google! 5 stars :)
  • This fixes my biggest issue with Firefox for android
  • Excellent plug in for mobile firefox !
  • C x
  • Should installed by default
  • Absolutely must have if you use Google for your research