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  • Does the work
  • goooood
  • Good
  • This is an essential add-on for the Android version of Firefox. As long as Google keeps sending a horribly out of date site by default I will be using this. Unfortunate for statistics though as it makes the numbers look even more lopsided for Chrome.
  • This extension does exactly what I've been wanting, and no more. Now I don't have to switch to Chrome or Brave to do my image searches.
  • I like chrome style. But looks like reading is slow a little.
  • Works as advertised. It's such a shame that we have to resort to this, when Firefox can render the page without any problems. Google shouldn't treat Firefox users as second class citizens. :-/
  • This is what I've been searching for. Damn Google.
  • Simple, does what it sets out to do