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  • Finally my user interface reborn! I have a question for the developer: does this extension slow down web and experience speed?
  • Works perfectly ! This is exactly what I needed ! It's utterly unfair that Google forces the old UI on Firefox to make people switch to Chrome. Thanks for fixing that !
  • Does is work
  • Amazing! This was the only thing that kept me from living Firefox as much as I did Chrome. Definately recommend for any Android Firefox user!
  • Nearly essential addon when using google on firefox.
  • Essenziale, estensione veramente indispensabile
  • Macht genau was es soll, echt schwach von Google, das aktuelle Design für Firefox zu unterbinden!
  • Does the work
  • goooood
  • Good
  • This is an essential add-on for the Android version of Firefox. As long as Google keeps sending a horribly out of date site by default I will be using this. Unfortunate for statistics though as it makes the numbers look even more lopsided for Chrome.
  • This extension does exactly what I've been wanting, and no more. Now I don't have to switch to Chrome or Brave to do my image searches.
  • I like chrome style. But looks like reading is slow a little.
  • Works as advertised. It's such a shame that we have to resort to this, when Firefox can render the page without any problems. Google shouldn't treat Firefox users as second class citizens. :-/
  • This is what I've been searching for. Damn Google.
  • Simple, does what it sets out to do
  • Excelente complemento, cumple muy bien su función de agregar más opciones al buscador de Google.
  • Thank you very much!
  • It used to be that my search button on the keyboard didnt work in a google searchbox, and that google would be pretty ugly. This is fixed now. Thanks!
  • While this does fix the issue of Google search not sending a Material Design page to Firefox for Android, it does so in a way that makes Google think that Firefox for Android is insignificant compared to Chrome for Android.

    A better way to do this would be to serve the Firefox for iOS User Agent string, because Firefox for iOS also receives the Material Design page. This is most likely because Firefox for iOS and Chrome for iOS are just glorified Safari skins.

    Of course, switching to a third party search engine with a no tracking at all policy that doesn’t have its own browser that it would push by inconveniencing other browsers is a much better long term solution (like DuckDuckGo for example).
  • Perfect!!
  • Thank you for fixing this problem however it would be good if Mozilla included something like this automatically
  • El obtener el look & feel del buscador de Gooogle no es meramente estético, sino algo completamente necesario para manejar todo su potencial a través de sus funcionalidades.
  • haven't used it yet
  • Yes! Just what I always wanted! Changing the user agent only for Google search, so Firefox still gets credit on other sites! Finally I can conveniently get full-featured Google search on Firefox Android! THANK YOU for solving my biggest misgiving about using Firefox Android! Nailed it!