130 reviews
  • indispensabile per poter avere la voce strunenti di Google nella ricerca, senza questo addon non potrei usare Firefox Mobile
  • I hate that this has to exist, but I love that it exists.
  • Exactly what i wanted, thank you so damn much!!!!!
  • Excellent add on for someone who miss the chrome layout
  • great!
  • Helps overcome the nerf Google Search applies to non Chrome browsers
  • FirefoxでGoogle検索した時に、Chromeと同じような画面で検索結果を見ることができ、特に画像検索で便利です。
    It is very useful, especialy in Google image search.
  • Makes things so much nicer! Great extension!
  • Exelente, funciona perfectamente (+1)
  • Really good but does this slow your browsing down because its an extra add-on
  • It is the best add-ons for Firefox Android.
    I realize that right click menu is disable when I use Google image search(when I tried to save image but it's ok with chrome on android). It will be perfect after the problem solved.thx
  • Ainda bem que existe essa extensão, um navegador tão bom e não abre a páginas do Google com formato mobile.
  • Fuck Google! 5 stars :)
  • This fixes my biggest issue with Firefox for android