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  • I am a Firefox Android user and, up until recently, I was able to use this add-on with Firefox Android and it worked perfectly. Then, Firefox Android got updated and I do not have this add-on any longer and I cannot seem to find a version of this add-on that is compatible with Firefox Android. Is there any version of this awesome add-on that is compatible with Firefox Android? If so, please tell.me where to get it from. BTW, I am now using Firefox Android version 68.4.2.
  • it works exactly as offered, "Absolute"ly saved my life.

    would be nice if the options are enabled for all sites by default so user don't have to manually turn them on one-by-one when they visits a site with a protection.
  • good
  • A good extension. Gets the job done.
  • It works, thank you thank you thank you! After a maddening hour of Googling and playing fruitlessly with about:config, this finally, blessedly works. It would be nice if I could set the add-on permanently enabled for all sites, but oh well.
  • esse Plugin do carlh* show da pra copiar mesmo bloqueado pelo site. pena que desenvolvo site ;/ dmbsites at gmail.com
  • Does what it was made for and I'm happy with it. No compatibility issues to tell off.
  • i love simple extensions that need no tuning or calibration.
  • It's a good addon but it breaks video controls on sites such as Twitter.

    edit: Revert to 1.3.6 and it works fine.