232 reviews
  • Excellent! Easy to use! Saves sites in a list and it works automatically on next visit!
  • It Works!
  • Para mim funcionou muito bem. Era exatamente o que eu estava procurando. Funcionou de primeira no site que eu estava tentando há bastante tempo copiar um conteúdo. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores.
  • Works better than any NoScript AddOn! It really disables any content or selecting block.
  • Sort of works on some sites - there are also sites that block copy of images - Like it will work.
  • very Skr
  • @Firebreathing, I totally agree with your statement.

    I feel uneasy about this new permission all of a sudden and disable the extension for the time being until the dev explains or I find a replacement.

    Before "Access your data for all websites" permission was NOT needed.
  • I don´t like It. To many Clicks and Work to copy. I just want to right click, thats all.
  • 09 June 2019 - This extenstion has started breaking down fb page. With this extenstion installed and enabled, and both modes on, I can't post comments on FB. I then starten ff in safe mode disabled-enabled all extensions one by one, finding that only this extension disabled removes that problem, so this is the culprit.

    couldn't find any kind of link here, to go to its website and post bug there, hence had to post here.
    previous review - Why doesn't it offer "enable" and/ or "absolute" as a default for all sites? it is sort of helping sites in principle to block normal browser tools. bad policy. thanks.
  • Please support wildcard that I can add manually in user list.
    That is, "*.example.com".