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  • Perfect! Combine this addon with the Containerise addon, and you can automatically open links in its relevant container.

    Containerise lets you always reuse a specific container for a domain (e.g. youtube.com). Temporary Containers (TC) allows you can create an isolated tab (like a Private Window, but in Tab form) per domain.

    You can make navigation away from 'saved' containers (such as YouTube), default to a general container, and you can make all navigation in containers that match a domain reopen in that domain container.

    You want to be careful with combining the two addons though, as you might get stuck in an infinite loop, where TC will keep creating new temporary containers. To get this to work, do the following:

    - install 'Firefox Multi-Account Containers' addon if you haven't already
    - install 'Containerise' addon
    - go to Settings > Addons > Containerise
    - enable the 'Default container'
    - install 'Temporary Containers' addon
    - go to Settings > Addons > Temporary Containers
    - enable 'Show popup when clicking toolbar icon'
    - [optional] under 'Container Number', select 'Reuse available numbers'
    - change to the 'Isolation' tab at the top, make sure you're on the 'Global' tab
    - under 'Navigation' and 'Mouse Click', change all the options to 'Different from Tab Domains and Subdomains'
    - [important] under 'Exclude Permanent Containers', select the 'Default' container you created at the start
    - under 'Multi-Account Containers', select 'Isolate'
    - at the top, select the 'Advanced' tab
    - expand the 'Popup' section and select 'Isolation Per Domain'
    - expand the 'Isolation' section and enable 'Instead of creating a new tab, replace the current tab in case of Isolation'
    - [optional] in the same section, enable 'auto-close leftover redirector tabs'

    Okay, now you have the 'default' container setup, everything not in a domain container should open in there.

    For each domain or login you want to group together, first create an entry in 'Containerise', then an entry in 'Temporary Containers'. I will use Reddit, YouTube and Google as an example. I want Reddit links to open in a Reddit container and I want to group the YouTube and Google links into its own container (since they share a Google login).

    First, the Reddit container, as it's simpler:
    - I open the 'Containerise' menu icon and select the 'CSV Editor' (the pencil icon) - warning this is a popup dialog and will disappear if you click away!
    - next, I add the following entries (everything inside the backticks):
    *reddit.com, Reddit
    reddit.com, Reddit

    - press the save icon at the bottom and you're done!
    You see 2 entries, because I want old.reddit.com to also be included (this is important later).
    Time to add it to 'Temporary Containers':
    - I open the options through the orange '+' icon in the top-right corner
    - then I head to Isolation > Per Domain
    - under 'Domain Pattern' section, I add (without quotes): 'reddit.com' (note how I don't need the * here)
    - under 'Always open in' section, select 'Enabled' and tick the box for 'Disable if Navigation in Temporary Containers' (this will leave your domain containers in 'Containerise' alone)
    - press the 'Add reddit.com' button at the bottom and you'll see an entry in the bottom area
    You're done! Try opening 'reddit.com' and 'old.reddit.com', login and you should see both are in the same container. Feel free to customise the container, changing the colours and icons etc. If you open a non-domain whilst inside the 'Reddit' container, it will open in the 'Default' container. Likewise, if you open a Reddit link in a different container (such as the 'Default'), it will open inside the 'Reddit' container.

    For the trickier grouping of my 'Google' container, I will do the same but include 'google.com' as well as 'youtube.com' in my steps (you may need to add your country local version as well. e.g. 'google.co.uk' - this part is important, or you may get infinite tabs opening!).

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    Dear Developer!

    1. I have DISABLED permanent private browsing mode (browser.privatebrowsing.autostart = false).

    2. I have INSTALLED Multi-Accounts Containers Add-on and it works FINE!

    3. The problem is: I can't INSTALL your Add-on, not RUN it! Error message: "Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt". So, this is YOUR problem, not Tor's! Please, fix it!

    You'd have to switch `extensions.allowPrivateBrowsingByDefault` to `false` in `about:config` too to make it work. Details: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1600423
  • A nicely done addon that comes closest to infocatcher’s private tab. I’ve set it to automatically delete cookies and history when the tab closes and that’s exactly what I wanted. A few more options would be nice, like hidng the address bar icon completely (had to use userChrome.css for that) but otherwise quite pleased.

    Unfortunately there's no Firefox API available to hide the icon in the address bar, so userChrome.css is currently the only way to achieve that.
  • Awesome extension but doesn't work on Tor :((( Please fix!

    Tor Browser runs in permanent private browsing mode and the Firefox Container feature isn't available in Private Browsing - nothing I can fix, unfortunately. However, you could disable that in the Tor Browser settings under "History" and switch "extensions.allowPrivateBrowsingByDefault" to "false" in "about:config" to make it work, which isn't recommended.
  • Love this addon. This is fantastic not only for privacy/security for everyday use but also great for testing sites while doing development. It becomes really easy to be logged into all the different types of users in a website at the same time and see the interaction.
  • The add-on seems to cause some issues when trying to open a page in Private mode.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Enable the addon
    2. Try to open a page in Private mode
    3. Result - nothing happens
    4. Expected results - a page to be loaded as usual
    5. Disable the addon
    6. Everything works as expected

    It doesn't matter which page I am trying to load.

    This behavior is since probably a a few weeks or so (not sure as private mode is usually not used). Nothing was change in the addon settings.

    OS: Debian Testing (Bullseye)
    FF: 68.2.0esr (64-bit)
    Temporary Containers: v. 1.7
    Containers aren't supported in Private Windows. Before version 1.7 TC manually disabled itself in Private Windows, with version 1.7 it now relies on the Firefox Manifest "incognito: not_allowed" so it doesn't run at all in Private Windows. If you experience problems with pages loading in Private Windows while TC is active, I'd encourage you to report it to bugzilla.mozilla.org.

    Might want to try in a fresh profile (about:profiles) as well, to make sure it isn't a custom configuration influencing the behavior, like also happened here: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/331
  • Respect!
  • Finally! A way to handle all the cookies, tracking, and other privacy bull pux! If you don't know how to setup containers, google or ask someone. Fortunately my really smart son feels the same about all the privacy issues and helps me! Your INTERNET provider collects ALL your data and sells it to multiple marketing companies, Homeland Security, & a plethora of other evil 3-letter .gov agencies! Just say NO to Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc monitoring ALL your browsing activity!
  • il refonctionnait et il vient juste de ne pas fonctioné
  • Terrific add-on, lets me essentially open mostly private tabs in a normal session. Would be nice if it had its own cookie blocking settings as well, all third party cookies being an example.
  • This is the way that containers should have been implemented natively. Thanks for this add-on and the effort that you put into this.
  • One of my must have. It makes browser so much private by isolating every websites inside their own temporary container. Just remember to not accept third party cookies. After leaving site all cookies are deleted, but you still keep your history. If you want to keep cookies from one site (eg. to keep logged in), just create persistent (normal) container for this one site and check to always open this one site in its own container. It still gonna be isolated, but cookies won't be deleted.