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  • The add-on seems to cause some issues when trying to open a page in Private mode.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Enable the addon
    2. Try to open a page in Private mode
    3. Result - nothing happens
    4. Expected results - a page to be loaded as usual
    5. Disable the addon
    6. Everything works as expected

    It doesn't matter which page I am trying to load.

    This behavior is since probably a a few weeks or so (not sure as private mode is usually not used). Nothing was change in the addon settings.

    OS: Debian Testing (Bullseye)
    FF: 68.2.0esr (64-bit)
    Temporary Containers: v. 1.7
    Containers aren't supported in Private Windows. Before version 1.7 TC manually disabled itself in Private Windows, with version 1.7 it now relies on the Firefox Manifest "incognito: not_allowed" so it doesn't run at all in Private Windows. If you experience problems with pages loading in Private Windows while TC is active, I'd encourage you to report it to bugzilla.mozilla.org.

    Might want to try in a fresh profile (about:profiles) as well, to make sure it isn't a custom configuration influencing the behavior, like also happened here: https://github.com/stoically/temporary-containers/issues/331
  • Respect!
  • So i just updated to Temporary Containers 1,05 in Firefox 70.0.1 64 Bit on Windows 10 1909 64 Bit, and when i next restarted Firefox i lost hundreds of temporary containers with no way to replace them, my permanent containers are there and untouched.

    When i try to open a website that is not a permanent container it never turns into a temporary container-(using automatic mode) and just loads forever.

    When i create new temporary container by opening a new tab, 1, 5, 10 new tabs, the amount doesn't matter, they create and are a new temporary container that has not loaded a website yet, which is what is supposed to happen, BUT, when i close Firefox and launch it again, right after Firefox loads i can watch all of those Recently Created Temporary Containers Disappear and the nearest Permanent Container will start to load.

    Re-installed Temporary Containers version 1.03 and everything works as expected, MINUS Hundreds of Forever Lost Temporary Containers.

    For some reason i think it has something to do with "- reset container number on startup (#280)
    - reset container number (#280) - "Another maybe useful setting might be "Reset after browser restart", but i was never asked if i wanted to "reset after browser restart" when i upgraded to version 1.05. My setting was still set to "Reuse Available Numbers" though.

    Feel free to ask any questions if you need some more info.,


    Fast fix. i'll try it later.
    Very sorry this happened. Reason was the "container cleanup refactoring", which was long overdue since it had some bad code hammering the API, which made problems especially on older hardware. Unfortunately, in the process to make it better, there was a major oversight - tabs already being open (on add-on initialization, which means after add-on update or browser restart), were not taken into account, leading to the deletion of those containers. It's fixed in version 1.6. I'll add some tests to cover that scenario so that it doesn't happen again.

    Also rephrased the release notes to make it clear that the things you mentioned are just new preferences, no new defaults or behavior introduced there.

    Sorry again.
  • Finally! A way to handle all the cookies, tracking, and other privacy bull pux! If you don't know how to setup containers, google or ask someone. Fortunately my really smart son feels the same about all the privacy issues and helps me! Your INTERNET provider collects ALL your data and sells it to multiple marketing companies, Homeland Security, & a plethora of other evil 3-letter .gov agencies! Just say NO to Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc monitoring ALL your browsing activity!
  • il refonctionnait et il vient juste de ne pas fonctioné
  • Temporary Containers give me error in Firefox 70, Win 7 Ultimate x64 and block totally the browser. Uninstall and new install do not help.

    On Linux Mint work excellent!

    EDIT: The problem was in Firefox. In the latest version 70.0.1 all is OK.
  • Terrific add-on, lets me essentially open mostly private tabs in a normal session. Would be nice if it had its own cookie blocking settings as well, all third party cookies being an example.
  • i give 5 if add custom proxy in tmp containers
  • Used to work fine. Now temporary containers goes crazy and keeps opening tabs until I shut down firefox.
  • This is the way that containers should have been implemented natively. Thanks for this add-on and the effort that you put into this.
  • One of my must have. It makes browser so much private by isolating every websites inside their own temporary container. Just remember to not accept third party cookies. After leaving site all cookies are deleted, but you still keep your history. If you want to keep cookies from one site (eg. to keep logged in), just create persistent (normal) container for this one site and check to always open this one site in its own container. It still gonna be isolated, but cookies won't be deleted.
  • great
  • Cool work :-)
    I'd rather have some more control of temporary container names/colours, though: when you open several temporary containers at the same time, having them only called “tmp1”, “tmp2”, etc. may be a little confusing (it's possible to change it in the preferences, but that's not really user-friendly).
    I wish the toolbar button could display a small popup allowing to select the name, colour and icon for the container (pre-filled with the automatic settings). Would it be possible?

    *EDIT after the answer* I thought it as an option (I presumed that was in the aims of the toolbar popup when activated, but sadly not). I agree that it should not be the default behaviour.

    Since the Add-on is about temporary containers, having the option to change name/color/icon for already opened containers might lead to the impression that they're not really temporary but permanent instead - so I'll probably not implement such a feature.

    You can however long-click the new tab button, which reveals the container list and a "Manage Containers" button at the bottom, which is a quick-access to the container preferences where you could change its properties. Hope that helps.
  • works well