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  • It is updated often, it helps me keep track of which tabs lead me to which web site, and if I accidentally close a tab I can recover it. I am on line 10 -14 hours a day most days and without Colorful Tabs I would have pulled my hair out by now.

    Customer Service is the best of all the add-ons I've ever used. I contacted the developer regarding a broken link on his page that wasn't even to do with Colorful Tabs. Within 10 hrs, he fixed the broken link, responded to me and thanked me for letting him know.

    I highly recommend Colorful Tabs to anyone from the casual browser to the frantic business person who needs to assign specific colored Tabs to specific clients. Install it, check the box to keep updated and you'll always be efficient and streamlined and leave everyone wondering how you are so fabulous. I also recommend a donation to the developer. Anyone who works this hard deserves it.
  • perfrkt for me
  • I used to love this add-on, but now it's useless because it only colours the active tab. The beauty of the add-on used to be that it would colour each tab a different colour, so it was easy to find them and differentiate them. Now it's simply decorative, kind of, and pretty useless. I deleted it right away. I've very disappointed.
  • Great extension. Would like it to color the entire top bar. Overall great.
  • MUITO exagerado as cores e a interface inteira
  • Indispensable to prevent confusion on which tab is active
  • I liked Colorful Tabs for the variety of colors on the INACTIVE tabs, which made finding/returning to particular tabs very simple.
    I don't understand the allure of just coloring the active tab?
  • After updating don`t work properly
  • If you love ColorfulTabs like I do and don't want to live without it, you have 2 choices. Both require ditching FF Quantum.

    1. If you care about security more than speed, then as others have said, run FF ESR with CT 32.2.3. If you do this, disable auto-updates to CT.

    2. If you care about speed more than security, run FF 56.0.2 (the last update before Quantum) with CT 31.2.0. This gets you the benefit of the Firefox multi-process mode, which greatly improves the speed and memory usage of the browser - at the cost of being stuck in a static configuration with no security updates. If you do this, disable auto-updates to both FF and CT. This is the config that I use every day.
  • Loved the old version, but the new version for quantum just does not do it well. Not blaming the developer per se I think it's a limitation with quantum. Before I like the multi-colored tabs, and the option to highlight in yellow or blink active tab. Old version 5+ stars new version meh.
  • This is the first extension I am reviewing without having tried it. I don't need to try it because colored tabs are not something I need.
    This is a review of the extension page and the bad description posted by the author. Out of two paragraphs, there is almost nothing about how this addon works. The 1st paragraph is just generic nonsense and false praise about how this is the most important extension I'll ever need, and the first one I need to install. That is NOT a description, that is BS.
    The second paragraph is a review quote from a user who loves this extension, for whatever reason.

    Horrible presentation, no description to speak of, all BS and lies, nothing that explains what makes this extension SOOO good. This type of a front page is just very unappealing, and I'd never want to try any extension with that info.

  • I should have made proposals on the site if I had found how to create an account.
    This extension is a good idea (and replaces things that no more run), but needs to be improved.
    By the way it appears that critics for two different extensions appear on the same page here.
    I tested the one with Web Extension, as I use Firefox Quantum, version 59.0.2 - I presume this extension is somewhat recent.
    About the results, I see the active tab displayed with a different colour, and this is why I installed the extension.
    That being said, this background colour is at random, and the foreground colour (font colour) is fixed (in the options) so this not always optimum.
    I regret not being able to choose colours for other tabs, classically a set of colours for not loaded tabs, another for inactive tabs ...
    Tab Mix Plus has accustomed us to use a nice user interface to choose the colours, well let us forget that for the moment being, it takes some time to develop.
    What would really be useful is that the extension sets a style name for the active tab, one for the tabs that are no more loaded, one for the other ones. And also that the documentation gives those style names.
    With that, we could personalize properly those styles in userChrome.css (at least the advanced users could do that).
    In a second time, as an options interface is proposed, it would be nice that for each of these styles it allows to give a foreground colour, and a background colour. Some of them miss. If time allows, some other attributes as bold could be smart too.
    When this urgent stuff is done, I should like to mention that after installing the extension I had to style my personal bar (placestoolbar), as the extension modifies its background colour, and the font colour it had was no more adapted.
    If you have time to do some tests at this level, it will help, too.
    Thanks for the good job.
  • Useless garbage that will make you feel like a fruitcake.
  • The new Colorful Tabs doesn't work with Quantum. Quantum is crap any way ! ! ! !
  • Does not work with Quantum
  • Bad colors. Not like in Vivaldi. Youtube isn't red, for example.