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  • Thanks!
    But can you do a version compatible with TST (Tree Style Tab)? :)
    Because it broke identation of tabs... :(
  • Es überfällt einen direkt. Viel zu viel und aufgeblasen. Ich habe keine Zeit mich stundenlang mit einem Add-on zu beschäftigen, um es passend zu machen. Wer´s mag ok, nix für mich.
  • keeps long hours working from getting boring, also helps with the eyestrain, great app.
  • It doesn´t work! The tabs are always white!
  • I love it but can't get it to work on Firefox, so I changed to Waterfox, would like to get it work again without re-installing Firefox.
    How do I get into firefox to program "%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile.*******\Chrome\userChrome.css"
  • Did not work for my version of Firefox (62.0.3). Instead of colouring the tabs .. this addon left them white and only changed the browser colour for each tab I went to when I went to them.
  • 2 stars because it is compatible with 62.0.3. But it doesn not work as the picture shows....it only colors the active tab AND the menubar, URL bar... and all the other tabs look like they used to before this add-on was installed.
  • Can't deactivate the terrible sidebar "feature", so I am done with ColorfulTabs.
  • не работают цвета вкладок,все вкладки одного цвета
  • waw
  • Are you serious? We have to enter the hex number of the color? How the hell are we supposed to know that you need to have a GUI interface with a slider so we can just pick the color of and the Hue by looking at it not by studying a chart of numerals. LOL. This is like going back to the Heyday of dos programming
  • Из-за ColorfulTabs вкладки мигают между собой и приходится завершать процесс Firefox.
    Because of the ColorfulTabs tabs are flashing between themselves and you have to complete the Firefox process....
  • A 2004 favorite.
  • Makes Tabs flash and Fries Facebook
    Facebook was not working in Firefox. Obviously I suspected an addon but I did not suspect ColorfulTabs, but I thought I would check the reviews just to see. I started reading the reviews and I realized, thanks to previous reviewers, that ColorfulTabs causes Firefox to flash between tabs at random like this
    So I turned ColourfulTabs off. I now also realise that it was ColorfulTabs that was preventing Firefox from displaying Facebook! I don't like the way that the default Firefox tab display is white on black but other than that ColorfulTabs did nothing for me anyone (it only colors the active tab and turns the others black on grey). Goodbye ColorfulTabs!