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  • ColorfulTabs does not work the same way as it did in the earlier versions of Firefox. In version 57 it highlights the tab your on with one color wile the rest of the tabs stay white.In addition the Bookmarks Toolbar and Addons Toolbars change the same color as the the highlighted tab. It's not pretty.

    The one thing I loved about the old ColorfulTabs is the I could color code similar site tabs with the same color. Color coding allowed me to find tabs easily, as I can have 30 - 40 tabs open. Thank goodness for Firefox 57.

    I'm very disappointed in this version of Colorful tabs and hope that they go back to the old way it worked. I'm uninstalling this version.
  • I want colored tabs, NOT my entire bookmarks toolbar colored!
  • Horrible.Probably as it won't work with Quantum
  • I am sorry that my previous commentary didn't work for the mods/author, no disrespect was implied, intended or given, and it was posted in line with the way the comments should be posted.

    Anyway, I only have one suggestion (request??) - at least change the screenshot on the main page to show what will happen, instead of a pic that is way off of what is actually given.

    (Hopefully, this will get through and be (stay) posted, but I kinda doubt it. :( )
  • KUDOS & THANKS - MANY to Shivanand for trying SO HARD, CONTINUOUSLY, to get his wonderful FAVORITE add-on COLORFUL TABS up & working with the major Firefox 57 overhaul. I've stayed with Firefox (so far) because I believe they are focused on security issues, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt - but beware & be warned Firefox/Mozilla, as my patience is growing VERY THIN with this new FF 57 ordeal (& I don't think I am alone in feeling this way). I don't trust Windows anymore - poor security & all that with IE, as I used to be Windows until 2010 - & I'm not ready to move to Chrome or anything else. WHY am I saying all this here? Because so far I still HATE the new Firefox 57!! Colorful Tabs deserves EVEN MORE KUDOS for being one of the first so called "Legacy" add-ons to actually diligently KEEP TRYING to get up & running again, as soon as possible, with this completely different format Firefox seems to think they "need". I just want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT & THANKS to Shivanand, for his hard work & perseverance! Also for the mere fact that HE IS TRYING - HE DIDN'T QUIT. NO, Colorful Tabs isn't working like it used to . . . I think fans would all agree that we'd like it the OLD WAY, with each tab (only) a different, beautiful, interesting color. BUT the only way he can get it to work NOW, RIGHT NOW, is with this whole bar thing, beyond just the tab, being colored. ANOTHER PROBLEM, at least for me, is that I have always loved also & used very happily PERSONAS - which is NOW all messed up with Firefox 57, in that you have to CHOOSE between either enjoying Colorful Tabs OR Personas - they are NOT, so far, compatible in this new FF 57 ABOMINATION. So, I am switching between the two. Since it's been the Christmas season, I've been disabling Colorful Tabs (HOW SAD is THAT?!!) in order to enjoy the (now MUCH SMALLER) Personas decorations, SINCE WE CAN'T HAVE BOTH TOGETHER RIGHT NOW IN FF 57, like "Back in the GOOD OLD DAYS". MEANWHILE, AGAIN, BRAVO TO SHIVANAND & HIS COLORFUL TABS, FOR TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THIS HORRIBLE FF 57!!! People, those of you who are COMPLAINING & ANGRY about how Colorful Tabs is right now different from the past - PLEASE, DIRECT THAT ANGER & FRUSTRATION APPROPRIATELY, WHERE IT IS DESERVED, AT MOZILLA & FIREFOX; NOT AT THIS HARDWORKING, INTELLIGENT & CARING DEVELOPER!! I cannot even believe how many new reviews are GRIPPING & COMPLAINING about Colorful Tabs not being "right", as if this is the developer's fault - IT'S NOT HIS FAULT! Do you all not realize just how many developers have ABANDONED THEIR ADD-ONS, BECAUSE OF FF 57??? I have a very LONG list of (now termed "Legacy") add-ons that I REALLY LIKED A LOT & which are NO LONGER COMPATIBLE with FF 57! It is apparently UNWISE to run an older pre-57 version of Firefox, as it could be unstable & MUCH WORSE, subject to SECURITY ISSUES. So, PLEASE, let's all still give Colorful Tabs FIVE STARS, because HE DESERVES IT! He is working constantly, UPDATING every so often as this new Firefox 57 evolves - FF 57 itself is STILL EVOLVING & has MANY BUGS & PROBLEMS, so this is ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS!! REWARD this developer WHO IS TRYING, CONSTANTLY, to get this VERY POPULAR & MUCH LOVED add-on back to the best it can possibly be!!! He's PRESENT, HE'S TRYING, HE'S ISSUING REGULAR UPDATES to comply with this STUPID crazy new FF 57 - SO GIVE HIM THE CREDIT HE DESERVES for just not giving up & ABANDONING this add-on, LIKE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE DONE. AND, by the way, I AM NOT IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED with Colorful Tabs or Shivanand Sharma, OR with ANY of his other add-ons. I've never met the man or spoken to him, nor have I ever corresponded with him by email. I'm NOT being compensated for this review & my opinion here is FROM MY HEART & 100% TRUTHFUL - NOT A "FAKE REVIEW"!!! Last of all, let me REFER YOU to another well written review, about 12 days ago from a reviewer called "worseldine" - it is a LONG review, so you can't miss it & it's about the 16th review down right now. This person HAS IT RIGHT; PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW ALSO - those of you complaining & faulting this developer, Shivanand, who CARES ENOUGH TO KEEP ON TRYING! I can't believe this - I just read one VERY IGNORANT person's review who stated - about Colorful Tabs - "There should be a special ZERO star review for this one." CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW UNFAIR & UNINFORMED THIS IS? No, there should be a ZERO STAR for Firefox 57 & for ignorant reviewers who DO NOT understand how add-ons work & who are criticizing & faulting EXCELLENT ADD-ON DEVELOPERS who have NOT given up on Firefox 57 & who are constantly TRYING to become compatible with the new "non-Legacy" format & are doing their best to comply! MANY DEVELOPERS HAVE WALKED AWAY - DON'T FALSELY BLAME THOSE WHO ARE STICKING WITH IT & TRYING THEIR BEST TO GET THE ADD-ONS WE LOVE WORKING AGAIN, IN THIS COMPLETELY NEW FORMAT! The EASY thing to do, is to give up & abandon your add-ons! The HARD, DIFFICULT thing to do is to stay in the game & to TRY to get your add-ons working properly again in this "new" (not improved, in my opinion) Firefox 57 format! SO GIVE COLORFUL TABS THE 5 STARS IT DESERVES! He got it up & working almost right away & has updated it many times already since then!!! BE HONEST IN YOUR REVIEWS!
  • I LOVE IT!!! Have been using this for years, I love to have color in my life!
  • I love colorful tabs. The only reason I am giving a one star is because every time I add it, (using Firefox Quantum) I lose any theme I have with Persona Plus. Could you please tell how to fix this?
  • Why stop it from working with <57? If you can't make it work with 57+ at least keep it unchanged.
  • This was my favorite extension for years, and i am sure it will be so again when the problems with FF57 are ironed out. Just remember, the limitations with the new versions ARE NOT the developers fault. You have to work with what Firefox gives you. If the present version isn't meeting your standards then just disable it for a month or two and check back. You might be surprised, if not it didn't cost you a dime.
  • It's disabled and will not work in Firefox 56.0.2.
    I don't like 57.0.1 other than the speed and wasn't that taken with Colorful Tabs new design.
    Suggestion: Fix your Add-on to work on 56.0.2 and listen to your donors and subscribers they will be beneficial.
  • Is finish. Very problem. Remove.
  • Patience for how long? It has been over a month since release and more than a year since web extensions were announced and documented. Citing some obscure bug as the reason to justify 4-5 star votes against the shambolic way this has been "updated" and "is being worked on" (supposedly) is beyond convenient.

    This is now a 1 star add-on, because that is the lowest rating possible. Forget the past, that doesn't matter now. Install it today and you can get weird colors like your graphics driver has messed up. If you really want to encourage or support the developer, then donate, do not rig the rating.
  • Thank you for working at it!!!
  • It's OK, given the challenges posed by Quantum. Patience folks
  • So far, in Firefox 57, for me it's not worth using. If it ever has similar functionality to it's previous-to-firefox-57 state I'll probably start using it again.
  • I always used this add-on and wished it looked like the screen shot. I don't like the color bar all the way across the screen I preferred just the tab the new approach is too distracting. I had customized colors for my commonly used sites but it doesn't appear that the new version allows this. Random colors are not helpful. Also when only the selected tab is colorized and have to read the tabs rather than just selecting a color. Hopefully it will improve but for now bye, bye
  • Just terrible
  • Non funziona. Non e un problema FF57. Altri addon funzionano. Basta! Finito.
  • Ok everyone we get it you’re disappointed that colorful tabs are not performing as it once did, BUT Shivanand Sharma is doing his best.
    the reason that colorful tabs is not working as it did pre FF57 is because THERE ARE BUGS IN FF57 which are affecting a large portion of developers including Shivanand efforts to get their apps working as they once did.
    Stop with this ill founded 1 staring those developers who are affected, because it’s not fair and will only result in developers heading for the hills and abandoning the app and likely not even bother with developing others. Making the statement that colorful tabs use to be good but is not now and giving a 1 star is not helpful and gives an unfair rating on the current version.
    Yes we all want colorful tabs to run as it once did and none more so than Shivanand himself. Shivanand has managed to get a version of colorful tabs working all be it not as it once did he hopes that in time it will work as we all want it to but comparing the new version 32 to the version 31 should not be done its unfair and not helpful especially when Shivanand is being hampered by Mozilla programming of ff57.
    As to colorful tabs- version 31 works in FF56 and below [I have ff55 running] so if you can't practice a little patience and understanding the best option is don't disrespect the developers by making negative statements and berating them for something that is out of their control. Giving a 1 star rating because the new version does not work the same way as the pre ff57 version is out of order and total unfair. If you can’t be objective on the new version 32 which runs on ff57 without comparing it to the version 31 which run on ff56 and below then you should not make a rating at all. Just practice a little patience and understanding and wait until Mozilla have ironed out the ff57 bugs.
    You could also simply revert to a previous version of FF but make sure you disable both FF & COLORFUL TABS updates and simply wait until the FF57 bugs are corrected. DON'T yell at the add-on developers by giving just 1 star as it WILL simply kill the add-on of, BEST to not make a comment at all and just check back to see what the latest news on those FF57 bugs and if they have been corrected.
    Remember FF57 HAS A NUMBER OF BUGS stopping developer’s attempts to get some of the older add-ons working correctly for now. Give the developers credit where due but don’t disrespect them when the ff57 bug strikes it’s not their fault.
    I have given a 4 star rating for the current version of colorful tabs as others say it is disabling themes [yes i do have it running on my small notebook which i do not use often and I don’t use themes, i have had no issues with the new version other than the one tab only being coloured at a time but that’s down to ff57 bug]. But i give a 5+ star rating for version 31.
  • There should be a special zero star for this one.
  • I have it disabled because Firefox Themes stops working when Colorful Tabs is turned on. I check periodically. Today 12/20/2017 it is still happening. Using Firefox 57 and 58 beta (on two PC's).
  • It is not final